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    Looking for 'adults' to play minecraft with.

    I bought minecraft ages ago (due to a popular youtube series by two funny brits) but never really seriously played it in multiplayer since none of my friends are interested in it. After browsing the official minecraft forums for abit and mostly finding play requests by 12 to 16 year olds I'm hoping to find some adults (preferably aged 20 and up) to play with. (I'm 26 myself)
    I have skype and hamachi~
    My timezone is gmt +1 (from the netherlands) and I have no preferances for any type of minecraft aslong as it's not some pvp thing. Tekkit seems interesting but I know very little about it.
    I hope to hear from someone

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    Well i am from the us and on at different times so maybe we could rig something up, or i can give ya the name of a server if ya send me a private message. Ps i am 21 turning 22 so

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    A friend of mine hosts a server. We play on it with 2 of us and we're both adults. We don't fuck around with destroying eachother's shit... we're dutch to. I'll ask him if he wants to have you in. We just build, then explore a bit, build, explore etc. I'm working on something big right now so most of the time it's building. His server also is up 24/7 but he has different shifts. Mostly I can be found in the evenings

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    I've been considering starting a server as you describe, I'm 32 and agree that the average MC server is just terrible and full of kids.

    If I do get one going, it's going to be a heavily modded one though.

    I refuse to use Tekkit because I think they're thieves and wont use their pack. My server will likely contain many of the mods in tekkit, with some additions of course. Basically looking at

    Thaumcraft (if SMP Thaumcraft exists and works)
    Steve's Carts
    and more!

    This may never happen. Then again it may. I'll certainly post if I get one going.

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    Yeah... we need an MMOChamp MC server, mature only. I would be very interested in this as well.
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    Fuzzie would love that

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    Fuzzie you better make a server like that, or I will defriend you! * angry *

    Make it have helicopters! I want to fly!

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    Herro! Sorry for the late reply but your plan to make a server like that sounds good to me
    I'm still available + interested so feel free to PM me the details when/if you're going to do it.

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    25 here and definitely down. I currently play on the reddit public servers and I'm tired of my builds getting grief'd constantly.

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    Only ever played multiplayer with a few friends on self-hosted servers but would definitely play on an MMOChamp server .
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    Tekkit server and im in

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    I would be down for a server that was for "adult" audiences only. I love having to deep mine and build up my area with random farms I don't really need. Count me in!

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    Come on Fuzzie do your thing!

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    I am currently in the process of getting a mid sized Tekkit server running. It will be about 35-40 slots. When I get it fully running ill be taking names for whitelisting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzykizzy View Post
    (preferably aged 20 and up)
    Eh, you wouldn't happen to mind a 19 year old, would you?

    EDIT: Also, I prefer to play without mods that allow you to spawn in whatever you'd like.
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    I recently bought Minecraft and this idea of playing with others on a server interests me, especially with the MMO-Champion community so count me in!

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    I would also be interested in a mmo-c minecraft server, I love minecraft but solo play gets boring and none of my friends play minecraft. 22 btw, in case age is an issue lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gourmandises View Post
    Come on Fuzzie do your thing!
    It's in the works. I need to upgrade the computer I wanna run it on first. i'll be sure to post when I get that sorted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    It's in the works. I need to upgrade the computer I wanna run it on first. i'll be sure to post when I get that sorted.
    I'm not trying to rush things, but I was just curious. Do you happen to have an ETA of when the server will be coming up?

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    Id be in for this too, I'm 18 and from the UK.

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