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    Hello! I'm 41 years old and I've been playing at -snip-
    Maybe you (older and or nice) guys would like to come visit sometime?
    Hope to see you there!

    No advertising, please.

    OK it seems I have an infraction please contact me via PM if that's even allowed, or on facebook, my nickname here is the same everywhere.

    (nice way to go about it MMO)
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    Hello, is this post still active? i don't think so, anyway i'm 22 years old and i'm really tired of playing with children, it makes me feel really old .
    Looking for mature people to play, i have a server, i just opened it today "officialy" lol right now only children have seen my server announced so, please help me populate it with you guys

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    21 year belgian here!
    Quite the beginner on minecraft but i also play LoL , want to hang out with likeminded "adults".
    If anyone wants to PM me, i want/can play on any server :-)
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    "Quit trying to use logic in a video game that mails you dragons."

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    34y old swedish player here. Also looking for a server with some older players on. I prefer to play in creative mode and with mods like buildcraft/railcraft etc. Please pm me as well if there is a spot for me somewhere

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    If you want to play during the weekend hit me up and I'll send you contact info

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