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    Why do people like Obama?

    I'm seriously confused.

    Why is he always a few points ahead of Romney on the gallup polls?

    Obamatrons, why do you like him? whats the appeal?

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    I'll bite, Why did ppl like Bush? Better yet why would anyone vote red or blue for this election?
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    He released his tax info that's why
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    This isn't a loaded flamebait topic

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    He is likable. He has style and charmina. Most importantly he's a great speaker and has values that he believes in. And he's not trying give the richest american's another tax break.

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    Because compared to your last president he's Albert Einstein :S

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    Because he sings Al green. Illusive Romney is greasy.
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    The term is Obamite, get your shit straight Golds.

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    I personally don't like obama. He has been a mediocre president at best. I hate the system that was chosen for obamacare, it was a rush job that was pushed through while democrats had a super majority. That says I now have to help prop up an entire for profit industry or I will be forced to pay a fine or *tax* as the supreme court puts it. Romney on the other hand just plain scares the shit out of me.
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    It's because he can sing, dance and conducts foreign affairs talks with other heads of states on treadmills. You know, all the important stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golds View Post
    I'm seriously confused.

    Why is he always a few points ahead of Romney on the gallup polls?

    Obamatrons, why do you like him? whats the appeal?
    Because he at least attempts to be sincere and genuine as far as the political process allows without engaging in wild conspiracy theories, revisionist history and straight up intellectual dishonesty.

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    The term is Obamite, get your shit straight Golds.
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    He's not Mitt Romney.

    No seriously.

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    because he isnt some idiot right-wing, conservative, christian, incredibly wealthy piece of shit like rommney. hes no saint but compared to rommney he may as well be the second coming of christ. think of him as the lesser of 2 evils

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    Because it actually seems like he genuinely cares for the American people as a whole instead of special interest groups and companies.
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    Because he's the manchurian candidate.

    No seriously, because he's not Mitt Romney.

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    From a foreign -Canada- point of view, Romney does not look like a redneck/conservative (i.e. Bush and all the fundies), which is a plus, but he is in the party which is led by those people.

    Obama disappointed but I do not have the same apprehension with the Democrats.

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    I don't like Obama. Simple like that.

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    A few thoughts:

    I, personally, am better off than I was 4 years ago.
    • Because of Obamacare my wife had quality health insurance through her parents at no expense, saving us thousands and thousands of dollars.
    • Much of my student loans are now subsidized, reducing the amount we have to pay back by about $1,000. This amount saved would have been MUCH higher if we didn't pay our loans back almost immediately.
    • My parents have saved thousands of dollars because of the unemployment extension because my dad's job was lost near the beginning of the recession. (They despise Obama, go figure.)

    A few positive things I've noticed about the Obama administration:
    • The stimulus has successfully negated what could have been a truly terrible recession.
    • Foreign affairs are in a much better position. Other countries have a much more positive view of the U.S. since Obama took office.
    • A more serious approach to foreign policy. (eg. Osama, Gudafi)

    On a less political level:
    • He has a personality.
    • He has a sense of humor.
    • He speaks intelligently, and when he is trying to be persuasive he uses logic instead of political generalities.

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    Honestly i don't like him nor dislike him. I can't say hes really done anything TERRIBLY wrong that makes me want me to have him NOT be the president for another term. Where as Mitt Romney I worry what will happen if he gets elected and myself i think if Obama hasn't done anything really wrong then why not give him another term over someone who who have no idea will fuck up or not.

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