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    Quote Originally Posted by Alta87 View Post
    It's that time...what time you say?

    That would work very well, except ret was middle of the pack at best prior the nerfs. But funny video ;P
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    Quote Originally Posted by antigravitydogs View Post
    That would work very well, except ret was middle of the pack at best prior the nerfs. But funny video ;P
    It's not debatable: bottom of the middle of the pack, or top of the bottom of the pack, before this latest datamine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reith View Post
    I'm going to be doing a lot of that shattrath dummy testing when the changes roll around for the latest build. I'll give them so many numbers they'll be begging me to stop.
    Please do. That's basically the only way to get them to change things. No amount of yelling and fingerpointing will help, but enough hard data might get them to pay attention.
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    But-hurt much? Appears so!
    As someone else posted a few threads back this really fits now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Can you imagine if someone insulted you in a thread, you reported it, and I told you "sorry, wrong thread to be butthurt"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noujou View Post
    am i one of the only rets that actually dont have problems with divine purpose?? sure its rng but id kinda prefer rng (because its constant even if i get dicked over by it) over another 2min cd... my opinion

    DP worked well and it was VERY popular in its LK incarnation. The problem with DP wasn't really the RNG - it works well to shake up the rotation and stop it being too static - but lies instead with the reliance and dependence the spec has on it. A bad run of luck could sink your DPS and it could skyrocket if you got a lucky streak - my own record is 8 TVs in a row for example. The low sustained DPSand high burst model of the spec didn't help here as it ensured DPs presence, or lack thereof, was very noticeable and it emphasised the impact of such exceptional periods.

    DP should be baseline, it should proc from more moves and it should have some sort of ICD. Integrate it into the class as part of a system to shake the rotation up but don't create such a reliance on it that lucky streaks and the burst model of the class detract from it.

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    Ret is going to be as shitty as it was in the beginning of cata, again. Guess they're still butthurt about those 2 days where ret was really strong during wrath.

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    Well holy avenger, judgement, inquisition, exorcicm, glyph-WoG can be cast at enemies. and repeat on a distance ofcourse with borden of guilt. ultimate Kiting. i cant wait! <3

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    Okay please guys I beg you, you gotta go and post those numbers. Remeber to do it properly though like he asked: pvp gear, no gems, no enchants reforging is okay. And I know that comming from me it's wierd but try not to insult GC :P Even if he deserves it, We won't achieve anything by just bashing him. Just flood him with numbers and pray

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    I almost would be happy with w/e the heck they do with ret if GC sees that one image. If only!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Requital View Post
    As someone else posted a few threads back this really fits now.

    Do you know how that made me feel inside!? FURIOUS! OUTRAGED! SICK WITH ANGER!

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    Can anyone give a short turtorial on how to send the data back to blizz, because what they are doing is utter shit........
    And are these data with a premade char or just a lvl 90 or ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxydin View Post
    Can anyone give a short turtorial on how to send the data back to blizz, because what they are doing is utter shit........
    And are these data with a premade char or just a lvl 90 or ?
    Level 90 char, show logs of a raid or target dummy in Shatt and post it using your wow account on the blizzard forums in the beta section (us / eu). I personally think feedback in the EU is generally ignored, so if you're US that's where the big devs reside.
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    Who do Blizzard actually think they are? I am really starting to wonder. (With Blizzard I mostly mean GC and with GC I mean GC)

    A leading game designer, who likes to troll a lot and is not too much of a pleasant person (according to the manner he posts in general), demands from us something, which he gets. He gets it. He gets a lot of time and nerves from the playerbase that constructively (there are always some black sheep that just insult GC/Blizz, but in all honesty, I don't blame them. But it doesn't help the cause.) posts their results, which show that ret is not in a good spot.

    Yet they keep nerfing ret and nobody understands why. GC wants us to follow a check list (how much damage did you do before the nerf, how much damage.. etc pp), but that list does not make any sense. Unless Blizzard really have no clue what to do with ret and want us to tell them what ret is. Each new expansion the same stupid shit happens. They should tell us where they see ret. What classes should be on par etc (imo the time has come that each DD must, more or less, be equally strong since uniqueness is a thing of the past). They should explain their internal testing and why ret needs to be nerfed like crazy. They should allow us to test in proper gear instead of demanding numbers from bullshit geared rets that just can't express much. Or what might be the reason for ignoring all the numbers posted? They want them, they get them, they ignore them. Does that make sense? Is this good game design?

    A lot of people here, actually all of us that take part in this discussion, sacrifice time and nerves to do so. And all we want is to not have a fucked up spec at the start as always. We don't demand anything unjustified. All this anger here, because the effort is ignored, is due to the pure impudence on Blizzard's side.

    You might think that some people here only live to make sure ret is in a good spot. Some people here sacrifice so much time just to be heared. And eventually it's all in vain? This is how we are being treated as a paying community? Right now I am wasting time, because I write this text. I should not need to write this text, if Blizzard only were a bit more transparent and honest. They fuck with us, it's ridiculous. They must feel so superior.. They know a lot of people are addicted to the game. And if not to the game per se, to their character or class. And if not to that to the people they have spent so much time with until now. Blizzard has created something that keeps everybody on track. And this is how they make their money.

    From a moral point of view Blizzard is just not allowed to treat us like that. They must think we are stupid. They don't respect us. This counts for every player of every class. But ret always gets one of the biggest shitloads from Blizzard.

    Really.. Everybody with access to the US Forum should just write in the ret discussion thread: "Fuck you, GC. I quit, because you are such a lame ass, ignorant and irrational son of a bitch." And this, then, is followed by all the other rets (NA, SA, EU, Asia, Africa, Australia...) - that actually care about this class - terminating their subscription.

    This way we'd get rid of GC, since Blizzard is profit oriented and actually gives a damn about whether ret is op or not or whatever. BlizzardActivision wants WoW to be their cash cow, nothing else.

    GC is just not qualified for a job like this. He is so far away from the community, although he tries to be close. He is selfish, somewhat narcisstic and does not fully understand how this game actually works, how the community works, what the community wants.. It's not his game. It's just not. He probably doesn't even play it in his freetime. I, for my part, just don't believe he does. Or if he plays he desperately tries to become gladiator with his mage (he prolly has a druid mate now --> symbiosis).. I just don't get that man. I really really don't.

    GC should really start to read Schopenhauer. He needs to learn the importance of proper argument. He so sucks at that.. It's sad.

    GC, I don't like you. I think you suck. Please step down and let someone do your job that does not suffer from an identity crisis and who actually makes sense.


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    All Retribution DPS discussion is now to be held in this thread.


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