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    When is it worth breaking the holadin 2PC Tier 12 bonus?

    Assuming these options:
    *397 Tier 13 Chest
    *397 Tier 13 Helm
    *397 Tier 13 Gloves
    *384 Tier 13 Shoulders
    *378 Tier 12 Pants
    *378 Tier 12 Chest

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    I'd probably break it by replacing the chest with the 397..

    But honestly I play a very spirit based holy paladin, having atleast 4k spirit in combat.
    (By now, I'm still assuming it's the holy shock mana return bonus)..

    I'm no mathematical genious, so I can't calculate exact numbers - Sometimes it's just good to get to know your guts

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    Ah ok, thanks

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    You have mostly 397 and can make the 4 piece T 13, so I think now is a good time to break it. I think that the gained Intellect and Spirit will partially, if not entirely, make up for the lost bonus. Plus it makes your HR spam that much better.

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    If you are able to get 2pc 391 heroic t12, you will keep it the whole tier, 2pc t12/2pc t13 has better healing throughput than 4pc t13. And yes that includes heroic content. I have 391 legs and shoulders 410 the rest, and I get better mana regen and more healing with 2pc391/2pc410.

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