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    Still recruiting
    <Sick Sense>

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    Still recruiting for MoP!

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    Still recruiting! Visit our website for more info

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    Sarithus, Arms Warrior applied via site.
    'Lord Sargeras, sweep your molten fist through this world, so that it may be reborn in flames and darkness!'
    'So the light's vaunted justice has finally arrived.'
    'Boldly said. But I remain...unconvinced.'

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    Still recruiting! High prio on a tank at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bicz View Post
    Still recruiting! High prio on a tank at the moment
    Very much so, Protection Paladin, Feral Druid, (Whatever Tank Specc Name is) Monk and Blood Tank!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Looking up to the stars
    <Sick Sense>

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    Still highly interested in:

    - Tank
    - 1 DPS, (Rogue, Warlock, Enhance Shammy, DK, Monk)
    <Sick Sense>

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    to ze top!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Still very interested in a few classes, in particular these:

    - 1 Tank (DK, Druid, Paladin)
    - 1 DPS (DK, Rogue, Warlock)
    <Sick Sense>

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    Still very interested in a Tank!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Raids getting closer, need 1 Monk
    <Sick Sense>

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    Could also use a Warrior Tank.
    <Sick Sense>

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    Still recruiting
    <Sick Sense>

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    <Sick Sense>

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    Always looking for good raiders!
    <Sick Sense>

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    <Sick Sense>

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    Very interested in a stable Tank!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Tank or Healer wanted, classes prioritized:

    Warrior, Monk, Druid, Shaman, Paladin
    <Sick Sense>

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    always looking for exceptional players
    <Sick Sense>

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