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    ILVL requirements for Mop - Senarios, 5-man Heroics, LFR

    This information is pretty hard to come by. I've scanned here, wow offical forums, and numerous other wow related sites. Having no L90 in the beta, I can't check myself. The loot drops are pretty easy from data mined items.

    This is what I know regarding the ilvl for drops
    Senarios - 463 (rares)
    L90 5-mans - 463 (rares) 476 (epic - last boss)
    LFR 476-483 (No tier in 1st raid. Half a tier lower for 1st raid?)
    Valor vendors - 489
    Rep vendors - 496

    iLvl Entry requirements
    Senarios - No idea. A guess would be 450
    L90 5-mans - No idea. Same guess of 450
    LFR - I know that beta testing has normization to 463, but this seems too high for entry ilvl, given it's the same as the drops from 5-mans/senarios, thus requiring a complete 100% set of 463 gear. (There are always a couple of slots which you just can't get a drop for)

    Anyone know the actual iLvl entry requirements for MoP Senarios, L90 5-mans and LFR?

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    Senarios - No idea. A guess would be 450
    L90 5-mans - No idea. Same guess of 450
    Scenarios was 420 or 425 in first builds, and heroics was 440.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoolferRU View Post
    Scenarios was 420 or 425 in first builds, and heroics was 440.
    Scenarios were about 425. and yeah you got the heroic one right

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    The biggest issue with trying to find these now on the Beta, is that they are scaling everything now for instances so people can test regardless of their ilvl. Meaning right now there are no requirements at all, it just scales your gear up or down depending on what the average for the instance is. I know that at one time early in the beta this was not the case and there was an ilvl requirement for everything like there will be on live, but not sure if anyone took note of it at the time or not.

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    ok - Thx for that. Senarios 420-425, (entry by default at L90 using lvl up questing rewards) and H5-mans 440. Just realized I answered the LFR ilvl requirement myself. Everyone can queue for LFR at L90 with gear normalized to 463 for testing, but I guess the decision regarding the final iLvl requirement hasn't been decided by blizz yet. Lets hope it's somewhere between 455 & 460.

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    Any news on this topic? I'm curious how the progression path pans out.

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    This is the latest I have on the MoP iLvl Entry requirements:

    Senarios - 425. Confirmed by blue poster Nethaera on the US Blizz forums
    L90H 5-mans - 440. No official confirmation.
    LFR - 463. No official confirmation. This is likely the requirement for the first raid to open for LFR. Subsequent raids likely to be 470.

    This means progression from H5-mans to LFR will require a complete iL463 blue set from those H5-mans. Unlike 4.3 where the new H5-mans gave iL378 to progress to LFR entry iL372, we now have H5-mans giving iL463 to progress to LFR entry iL463. For the inevitable missing slot or two, you are looking at a few weeks of dailies for rep gear, professional trades or big gold on the AH. I foresee myself taking a month at least before stepping into LFR, as a result of this gap in progression.

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    Valor vendors = Rep Vendors.

    Honored with a faction = ilvl 450 gear you can buy with justice points.(blues)

    Revered with a faction = ilvl 489 gear you can buy with valor points.(epics)

    You can either go to the factions quartermaster to buy the items for jp/vp, or then just go to the justice quartermaster or valor quartermaster who show all the different factions rewards and sell them.

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