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    Help me find the name of this game


    I used to play a game on PS1 a very long time ago and I don't remember what the game called so I thought maybe someone in this forum will know.

    Here's what I know about the game:
    - It's on the PS1
    - you start the game controlling two characters (a boy and a girl).
    - The boy has a long white hair
    - As you advance in the game you find more characters that you can control
    - There's a playable fox character that walks on two feet.
    - There's a playable robot character.
    - The characters walk on a straight line and you can choose a leader, so if you choose the fox as your main character the rest will follow him in a straight line.
    - I THINK (not sure) that there were dragons in the game.

    That's all I know about the game. I hope someone here know what the game is.
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    What Genre was it?

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    You know, at least a genre or something would be even better than describing fox and a boy with white hair in detail.

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    At first I thought he was trolling and talking about Sonic 2006. Silver = white haired boy
    Blaze= girl
    Robot= Omega

    But well, a genre would be nice.

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    It's definitely an RPG.

    and on the box art of the game there's a picture of the boy with white long hair

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    Breath of Fire 4?
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    Breath of Fire 4.

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    Yeah that's it . Thanks so much. I've been searching for a while

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