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    Whos the best support

    My best support is janna
    whos yours?

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    Soraka, poke+amazing sustain and free assists from ulti!

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    I don't generally support. If I must, it's generally on either Nunu or Morgana. Did buy Sona though, who I should practise with some time.

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    Alister support is a lane won against most champions/comps, except maybe Janna and Soraka. Soraka can be taken down with some coordination and punishing her/her carrry's mistakes. Janna is a bit more difficult because of her fucking tornado, her fucking shield and her fucking ulti.
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    OT: Janna or Blitzcrank, the cc and abilities are much more fun than being a healbot in the back of the fights. Janna's knockbacks, when executed well, can change a fight in a way a heal just can't. It makes laning a little harder, since the sustain isn't the same as with a healer, but there are ways to get around that.. Blitz, well, yeah, dem hooks...
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    It kinds depends on who your carry is.

    Vayne/Kog/Cait = Nunu

    I do best w/ Sona for anything else...dem ults.
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    I'm going to have to go with janna, just the problem is janna actually takes far more skill in comparison to like soraka heal bot so many people are just terrible with her.For more on the tank side of things I'm going to have to agree with blitzcrank although leona is very good in the right hands.

    Also have to give a special shoutout to alistar and taric support, they be bullying and healing all up in this house.
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    Mine are:

    #1: Sona.

    #2: Soraka and Leona.

    #3: Lulu and Janna.

    #4: Alistar, only have him because lolfree.

    #5: Someone trollpicked and I'm forced to buy aura items with a carry in botlane.

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    Lulu usually works the best for me. So much damage from pokes that you can let your carry farm pretty much free while denying the other.. or if they choose to pick a fight first blood at level 2-3.
    Nunu is bit tankier and works against more "annoying" lane combos or when you trust your carry to wreck stuff with the attack/movement buff.
    Leona if your team lacks cc.

    Soraka is pretty much the most annoying champion in the game, allowing the team to stay defending or pushing turrets forever and can be godlike especially vs. poke champs who don't really have proper tank / diver.

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    Taric.... hes just fabulous >_>

    but really his stun shatter combo can be really zoning if their support doesnt know how to "zone" tarics in oceanic now Lol

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    My favorite is Taric but I'll only play him if my lane buddy can really take advantage of the stun.
    If he counts, I'd also put Blitzcrank way up there among my top choices.

    I've played Ashe as a tanky support before. It was more of a "for the lulz" thing but it ended up working rather well. You don't do much damage per hit but you can slow people forever and stack Aura items. And the CDR makes for very frequent ult arrows.

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    sona is my favorite, but as for which is the "best", it depends on your team comp i guess.
    wish karma was more viable than she is atm.

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    Sona, I could literally faceroll the keyboard half asleep and still contribute supporting on Sona.

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    Alistar .. aoe knock up + single target displacement + tankiness + lane sustain.

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    Depends who your AD carry is, as graves/taric does work, as does ez/blitz. Each support has their own unique benefits

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    Different supports work better with different AD Carries. If you're a starter, Soraka is a great pick as she works with any AD carry basically.

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    Sona, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Leona, and Taric. No order, depends on the 3 other players that are going bottom.

    As far as Soraka goes, I just don't think she's that good late game compared to those 5.

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    Sona is my absolute best support,

    followed by Leona, Janna, Lulu, Taric, Blitz (whom I've played the least with), Cow/Soraka for worst played

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