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    I have a few quick questionson Paladins. Just a note, I PvP Retribution, and PvE Protection. First off, retribution paladins are just disregarded by the RBG community, why is this? I main a Retribution Paladin and it really sucks that I can NEVER and I mean NEVER get into RBGs. I know its because our burst can be dispelled and stuff, but really? Like NOBODY wants Retribution Paladins. Will Retribution's burst spells like Avenging Wrath get un-dispellable in MoP?

    Also, since I am so fed up with all the hate on Retribution Paladins, I want to level a new character to possibly be my new main character in Mists of Pandaria. I have narrowed it down to two different classes. Should I level a Holy/Disc Priest for PvE/PvP? Or a Arms/Fury Warrior for both PvP and PvE as well.

    I pretty much want to be able to PvP Arena/RBG and PvE with LFR/LFG and the occasional pick up group with my new class. Which do you guys think I will most enjoy? Or should I just stick with my Retribution and wait till it gets better? (In that case what would be a better alt for me! Warrior or Priest! )

    Thank you very much for replying!
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    People just.... don't like Ret paladins over rogues, mages, warriors, Fucking DKs.

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    Look man, I do exactly the same as you. We really have a bad rep on RBGs and not so much on arenas.

    The whing I do is... play SO MUCH BETTER that people want to take you anyway and everytime. I'm aways WoGing and HoPing people arround me, not letting them down - everyone appreciate that. I work nice on chain CC, can hold people for a cap, can burst on the right time to make a kill (and I make it).

    So it's like being that small asian guy that nobody is even care but then... be Bruce Lee. Eventualy you can get a rep for being great for CC, suport, healing and bursting and being on top 3 DPS and top 8 Healing on RBGs... so it's all worth it.

    Then you can say that if you can do this being a Ret PVP, you'd better do it being a rogue or a disc so you're great AND everyone wants you even before knowing it. Well, I at least, won't sacrifice my identity and my gameplay just to be desirable to people. I thing that saying about it's not the size /reputation, it's how you use it sucks. But then again, that's really true - the game is not THAT MUCH unbalanced and we can kick some serious ass if we work on it.

    So the 3 most important tips: 1) take the 2 piece set bonus from PVE. Take just the LFR shoulder and legs at least - it gives you HP for judging and that speed up everyting and makes a huge diference. 2) Learn your class. Sometimes I even bubble just to break a CC so I can land a kill or can save a cap node, or sacrifice to break CC... there's a lot of not obvious things to do - be creative that's the fun of the game. 3) You're a burst/support class - make sure that everyone knows that. You gotta pay attention to the whole game, we're almost healers now becouse of the WoG healing buff and crit (lots of 90k-110k healing), plus hands of sacrifice and protection. Be there. Save the day. People appreciate and remember it.


    On Ret for MoP:

    Man, I gonna be there for whatever tomorrow brings. With Blinding Light (CC is AWAYS so much important) and a more fluid rotation we're in a better place for PVP at least... there's not much to be said becouse there's so much changing on a daily basis... from what I get we gonna get some buff on WoG and our burst will not be dispelable anymore. But AW CD will go up to 3 mins and that sucks. Well, things will be very diferent - we'll know in a month.

    About Prot: I pretty much stoped tanking since early 4.3 and stop PVE all together since then, so someone else have to fill us up on that.

    So, the thing is: it's about your will to make it happen.

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    The issue is not ret paladins, it's melee in general. Melee sucks in rbgs, high rated teams only bring dks and rogues. Dks because of deathgrip and rogues because of smoke bomb in general (Rogue are also good for guarding flags).

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    The class you play is a personal choice, as you're the only one that can define what 'fun' is for yourself. So if you do decide to leave your paladin for your warrior or priest, you'll have to come to that decision on your own.


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