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    [H] Enhance Shammy looking for a 25man guild

    Hey, recently came back to WoW after a break. I raided most of cata on my hunter and wanted to change to my enhance shammy for MoP. I took a break after finishing normal DS on my hunter when the guild I was in fell apart. I'm looking to find a 25man guild to raid with for MoP and the last bit of Cata right now. I can raid any day except for Tuesdays. Please let me know here or send me a message. Thanks : )

    Here is a link to my shammy: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...unded/advanced
    And to my hunter who I mained this expansion: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...dazey/advanced

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    Still looking : )

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    try rogue traders

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    Hello HazeDust.


    Dungeon Crawl was formed in October of 2007, and has been a guild that has withstood through multiple expansions. Many of our members have been raiding together since Vanilla WoW and early Burning Crusade. We plan on continuing our march through Cataclysm and beyond.

    We are an endgame progression raiding guild looking for a few more Mature, Experienced, and Willing players that want to see and conquer current and future hard mode content. We’re always finding ways to improve – whether it’s through boss vids, class forums, or some old fashion competition. We thrive on the competition we supply each other, as well as the competition between guilds on our server. We want to continue our drive through the upcoming content of Cataclysm.

    We recruit based on overall skill, class knowledge, and personality. That being said, we are a welcoming group of folks who enjoy slaying dragons together. We want to like you, and we want you to like us. If you're a skilled player that works well in a group and is willing to give and take in equal amounts, Dungeon Crawl is interested in you.


    Blackwing Descent: 6/6
    Blackwing Descent Heroic: 2/6
    Bastion of Twilight: 4/4
    Bastion of Twilight Heroic: 1/5
    Throne of the Four Winds: 2/2
    Firelands: 7/7- Heroic 3/7
    Dragon Soul 8/8
    Dragon Soul Heroic 25 : 6/8
    Dragon Soul Heroic 10 : 8/8

    Due to low attendance, any application is considered, but we are focusing more on these classes.


    Death Knight: open

    Druid: Open

    Hunter: open

    Mage: Open

    Paladin: open

    Priest: Open

    Rogue: Closed

    Shaman: Open

    Warlock: Open

    Warrior: Open

    We are wanting to open a few 10 mans on the side. So any application for a 10 man roster is more then welcome aswell.

    Our Raid Times:

    Monday 7-10 server 9pm-12 am est.

    Wednesday 7-10 server 9pm- 12 am est.

    Thursday 7-10 server 9pm-12 am est

    Raid invites go out at 6:45 server, so we can start pulling at 7 server. We run a casual schedule as we all enjoy our real lives away from the screen. That being said, wasting time is never on the agenda – we aim for clean, efficient kills every raid night.

    If you feel you can contribute and want to be a part of the DC Family check out our NEW web site at

    Go to our Forums and check out the Application Area. All questions and/or concerns can be answered in-game by any officer (Mandalin, Isandra, Norval, Binnin or Ddeamon)

    add me to plap4ever2010(at)gmail.com

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