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    Worth replacing 397 legs for 4-set bonus (Holy)


    I lvled up a Holy paladin to 85 two weeks ago, and Ive started to get some gear now which is worth taking a look at (reforging and stuff).
    Atm I need help with deciding wether these http://www.wowhead.com/item=71982
    outweight the 4-set bonus of the Holy set (5% more healing with holy radiance). We're talking about LFR set btw, 384 ilvl.


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    Well its damn near impossible to reach the higher tick of holy radiance to beat that bonus but it requires some careful gemming and enchanting which is unrealistic. Purely from the intellect increase the Pyrium legs would be the better choice over 384 tier, but once you get into the realm of normal, the 4 set will be better in my opinion.

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    I would say to stick with the four piece. Especially if you plan on running Reg, you may replace the Pyrium legplates quickly because Reg + 4 piece bonus will out do them.

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