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    Has the community gone down in the last weeks?

    Every single game I join these days I see 4 people insta-locking as whatever they want (which is always either an AD carry or a "mid mid mid mid" champion), then calling each other noobs for not picking different roles..
    I don't remember it was this bad 3 weeks ago, but for some reason this "phenomenon" suddenly escalated.
    Anyone else encounters this?

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    No it's been around and even though I may go into a normal and insta lock a champion I may have just bought to learn it (I never play bots), I try to be lenient in normals because after all they are just normals. I see it quite often though.
    Hey everyone

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    Dunno what server you're on, but It's been like that on Nordic/East EU for as long as I've played...

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    last time i played(1 year ago) it was like that aswell... i thought lol community has always been bad

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    1) It's a free-to-play game
    2) School holidays are currently.


    You do the math.

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    Well, a lot of kids will be off school for a while. But probably not, there's always been an overwhelming pool of retarded window lickers.

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