Hello everyone!

Our guild is called - Light (Level 25) is housed on a realm called Argent Dawn. Our guild is an extremely friendly bunch of people and our raid team is full of laughs and giggles while keeping it progressive, fun and serious!

ToT - 12/12 N

We are looking for a long-term full spot core raider to join us, not someone looking fora quick "gear me up" or "quick progress" to just end up leaving us for a different guild. We've had our own fair share of members who have packed their bags and moved elsewhere once we geared them up, so we are looking to recruit friendly raiders who are keen and committed to raiding, who like to have fun while progressing fast!

Being interested in Heroic raiding is vital as our goal is to clear all ToT on heroic before next tier!

What we need:

We are currently looking for a very experienced healer/s to join us, who is interested in raiding heroic content!

However, any other exceptional players are welcome to message me too!

There is also a spot open for a "back-up" ranged dps'er (preferably Mage or Boomkin) and tank also, however, you will have to be well geared and experienced also, who can raid on our days and times in case we need you, but can't guarantee raids unfortunately!

Your gear should be reasonable (508+) as this is obtainable just through LFR's, crafted items and / or Valor gear! We're not here to gear people up and start over, but to push onto heroics! Previous experience is also needed

What we have to offer!

We offer a lovely group of friendly players who raid together! This keeps raids fun as we progress. On top of that, we also offer guild repairs and enchants/gems for your raiding gear!

You will have a raiding guild with amazing atmosphere during raids, who have a laugh, but also take progressing serious!

We run raids very often and we all take raiding seriously, while having fun. We also plan and really hope to be doing heroic ToT on farm before the next tier!

What we expect!

It is very important that you always look up tactic videos and want to improve and play at your best. We don't want to go telling you how to play, how to raid, or go through the tactics because you have no clue what to do, we do however tell you our tactics for each boss and make them as easy for the raid as possible (I'm quite vocal through boss kills to make it easier for everyone).

- Besides being an amazing player, we will also require you to be efficient on dispelling, cleansing,interrupting etc.. Whenever you can / have too! I should not need to tell you to do this, you should do it asap without having to be told. If a rotation is needed for certain bosses, we will sort that out before the kill. This makes some bosses easier and better for everyone all round! Doing this is just as important as healing/damaging :P

- It is vital to be out-going also, as during raids we generally have a laugh and hope you can join in with us! It is important to remember that we only speak and type English within the guild chat and on raids, as we only speak English in this guild and on Mumble.

- Being well prepared, with flasks and potions too! We do have back-up supplies, but you shouldn't need to ask for them :P

- A very friendly player in and out of raids who also likes to raid for fun, not as a chore for gear. Raiding is all about learning and wiping, so if you don't mind this and don't get annoyed, that's great This gets us the kills in the end!

- You will also be required to have a very good off-spec for those 2 healer boss fights too! Or backing up a player who can't raid if we can't switch that role in This hopefully shouldn't happen to often.


Since this is a 10man raiding team, we require you to be able to attend all raiding days and times below. This is to keep progression at it's maximum as well as enjoying the raid team for who they are! We don't like switching out to much as this hinder's tactics each time/week!

We raid 4 days a week. We sometime do extra raids for some fun progression (more chilled and relaxed, learning fights etc).

All our raid times could be extended, it highly depends on what and how we're doing on the night! So the end times could be earlier or sometimes later, however, the start times don't change!

Our raid days and times (Realm Time) are:-

Wednesday - 8.45pm - openend
Friday - 9pm - openend
Sunday - 8pm - 11pm
Monday - 8.45pm - openend

openend raids are basically we raid till a couple people have to leave - However, being able to raid to 12-1am or later in the morning would be awesome to help push some major progression!

If you have any questions or/and want to apply, simply post here or message me in-game! If you can't seem to get hold of me in-game. Your best bet will be to add my realid mentioned below and I will get to you ASAP.

Realid is: Max#22944

Thanks for reading