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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormodes View Post
    Authenticators won't save your credit card numbers from being stolen
    At this time, we’ve found no evidence that financial information such as credit cards, billing addresses, or real names were compromised
    As usual, someone didn't read the entire post.

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    Are European players concerned ?

    EDIT : The answer is in the OP.
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    blizzard dont have my bank details on their system so im not worried i use game cards and a o2 prepaid card to to buy the extras such as faction change and blizzard store stuff

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    Ugh... guess I better change things even though my account is currently inactive. I'd hate to play again in 2 years and find my stuff gone...

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    Took those hackers a long time to hack Blizzard , but gladly nothing too big got cracked. Glad im from EU :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muezick View Post
    Authenticator doesn't mean crap if they got the serial numbers for each account(Which they did) and the algorithm for the random number generator that the authenticator uses.

    With this information your authenticator will be USELESS, since they can write third party software, plug in Serial numbers and just get the same code your authenticator would produce.

    basically, go unpair your authenticator, generate a new serial, repair it and change your pass word

    and then go to EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE you use your e-mail in association with that uses the same pass word and change all THOSE pass words too
    I hope you have a source for this remarkably outrageous statement. If they had gotten over private authenticator keys and serial numbers they would not be saying:

    this information alone is NOT enough for anyone to gain access to accounts.
    Stop with this nonsense FUD.

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    Bummer. I love the honesty though, gg Blizz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melonemelo View Post
    I see shares dropping...
    Au contraire. Why would *they* hack something that wasn't popular? Google, hotmail, yahoo, FB AND Blizzard. Still got it Blizz..

    Great response too.

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    Damn I just made that email account.....

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    Stood in the Fire Penegal's Avatar
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    Damn it. I don't remember my secret answer! I wish It'd been Europe that had been hit!

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    Crap now my main email address is spam target...ffs its shared with my actual work email

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ltsmash View Post
    explain how.
    He can't because they're not. Authenticators are bank-level security and people who would be able to hack these have a lot better things to do than steal your game account. Such as becoming multi-millionaires and fleeing to some island with no extradition treaties.

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    This is how a company should handle with a hacking problem, be completely honest with their consumers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gourmandises View Post
    Not that authenticators would have helped... they're easy hackable aswell
    if you'd have the Algorythm for Each Individual One and would know wich of them is linked to what Account. Then Maybe (yes iam aware of that MIM Thing , but that got only a few hundred people)
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    Incoming large amounts of phishing emails to your WoW email accounts... Crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penegal View Post
    Damn it. I don't remember my secret answer! I wish It'd been Europe that had been hit!
    Thank you for your attention for us , EU players.

    "Damn it , i prefer if these guys got hacked so i could be safe , who cares about them anyways !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmilblick View Post
    Are European players concerned ?
    I understand that there are so few EU players left relative to NA and Asian players, that I am guessing that the hackers didn't consider hacking that data noteworthy. So the answer is "no".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmilblick View Post
    Are European players concerned ?
    Yes, but only your email.

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    us is in deep trouble though,id change password immediately if I was you guyz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantoms View Post
    Authenticators ftw.
    These people are not after your paladin. They are after your credit cards and all the money in your real bank (or those of your parents if they have set up the account for you)
    I wanna go back to my trainer and learn a new spell in the next expansion! And we all need to be able to fly from day 1 ! (And fly over the Exodar and Silvermoon on our own mounts!)

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