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    Request: Lore Forum (WoW)

    I honestly feel that a lore forum would gather as much interest as some of the other smaller forums on the site, for example the Sports forum. There are certainly plenty of us out there willing to have a nice discussion (or rant) about the direction the story is taking in the game. I understand that the lore threads work well enough in WoW and MoP General but I feel that a dedicated lore forum would be warranted. For example, I know there are people out there who aren't remotely interested in the lore of the game and just want to kill things. For those people separating the lore topics in their own forum is an instant reward as they can simply ignore the forum in their settings.

    But new forums aren't made to segregate the community, they're created to keep the site manageable and simple for users. Being able to look specifically for threads dedicated to lore would be of benefit to myself, and I'm fairly sure I'm not the only one who would benefit. It would also reduce the number of threads in the gen discussion, making the job of moderators that bit easier. Feedback would be much appreciated.

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    is it me... or is MMO champ filled with people who love ponys?
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    I'm not sure that anything has changed since it was last requested. Keep in mind we are in a more active lore period now, and there is even less to talk about once the expansion has been released.

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    So far we haven't seen enough activity to have a separate lore forum. There are a few active threads, but so far, I don't think it's been enough to sustain an active forum.

    As far as fanfics, the RP forum always welcomes fan stories.

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    No. There isn't enough to discuss to actually make a lore forum interesting, you'd just end up with 10 threads to bitch about how is so powerful in that book, etc ... The drama/real discussion ratio isn't interesting enough to have a dedicated forum.

    Use the WoW GD forum, it's fine.

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    Question becomes how active would it be.

    There's 3 thread that I see of in the MoP general 1st page.
    There's one thread in the WoW general 1st page.

    It also needs to be something that can at least last the test of time, as in it doesn't die off within a week or a month leaving the forum dead.
    Lorewise, it may not work as there's not much to discuss after a certain point.

    Then the quantity of people doesn't really seem to bother with the lore thread that much.

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    I always thought why not make it part of the rp forums, the combination would fit well together.
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    Right now we just don't see enough activity for a dedicated forum. I know there are occasionally a couple active threads, but a forum needs more than that to sustain it.

    The general discussions forum can house the threads for now, and I know the RP forum welcomes discussion especially of the sort that would help RP character building and so on. If we see a big boost in activity, we'll definitely consider a dedicated forum; it's just not there yet.

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    I wish there is a lore forum. That would be the number 1 place I would be at. I really do hope the super mods reconsider. The RP Forum is just for RP, not actually lore discussion. Even after the expansion releases there will be lore talk.

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    How about this: The MoP subforum will most likely be moved to the general discussions in the future. So how about we change that subforum into the Lore subforum?

    If there's by far not enough activity, you could always remove it and put all the threads in the general forum. Just my 2 cents.

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