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    How to improve my play/matchmaking at a decent pace?

    So I've picked up LoL 3 days ago, after having been asked by my friends more than once.
    I've tried out a few of the F2P champions and raked in some IP, read a bunch about the whole terminology the game uses, being totally green with games such as DoTA it took some getting used to... died to towers because 'I thought I had that guy' more than I care to count...

    I'm at a bit of an impasse however, most of my friends play the rated stuff, and If I join up with them as a team, I get matched against very high level players, being more of a burden than an asset...

    The other side of the coin is that I'm currently matched with what seems to be children?
    My entire team is constantly throwing tantrums about who takes which lane, they are quitting the game over simple mistakes others make, are constantly spouting noob and ks at each other, and here I thought the WoW community could be shit.

    I've personally unlocked Nautilus with RP (having been gifted some) and really enjoy playing a support role in bottom lane when i'm with my friend (who made a new lowlvl account to play with me), dragging enemies into our tower with Nautilus' chain attack really is a powerful move.
    Doing it on random teams however ususally involves me dragging something and the other guy suddenly running into jungle for god knows what, then leaving me alone at bot for 5 mins.

    I'm also taking a liking to Cho'gath, whom i've unlocked with IP, I play him as a ganker / semi tank (being careful to not lose stacks)
    My questions are pretty much:
    1. Does the community get better at higher levels?
    2. Is Nautilus / Cho'gath viable at lower levels, since they pretty much dominate with good support, but i'm having a very tough time alone on them
    3. Is there any way to speed up the grind and get away from these people in matchmaking?

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    First, welcome to the community, don't feed the trolls.

    1) Not really. Unfortunately MOBA's seems to attract the most arrogant, obnoxious, unpleasant people I have ever met. Occasionally you will find nice people and maybe even befriend them, but don't expect the asshats to go away.
    2) Nautilus and Cho'gath are both solo top laners or junglers. Solo top means they go top lane by themselves, which can result in being 1v2 if your team has a jungler and their team do not. Junglers are people who stay in the jungle killing creeps and only come out to hold lanes or gank for the laners. You won't see many junglers until higher summoner levels because it requires runes and good game experience to do. Nautilus and Cho'gath can also support bot lane, but aren't sent there often. They aren't carries in the sense that they don't carry your team late game, but at lower levels anything goes, so don't worry about that too much yet. Also, supporting random people can be one of the most stressful, high blood pressure inducing things you can do, be prepared to scream if you play them as support.
    3) Matchmaking is similar to how an arena rating in WoW works, winning boosts you and losing lowers you. You won't see your matchmaking rating in normal queue, only in ranked, but it is still there. After a while you will start improving and have a higher matchmaking, but before then there will be idiots everywhere, just pray they are on the enemy team. The only real way to speed it up is to "carry" your team and win as much as possible.

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    The best advice I can give you to make your experience enjoyable is to be incredibly nice to everyone, make some friends with other nice players who aren't terrible at the game (Just send a friend request to someone after a game and ask if they want to play again. I've made 5 friends in one night like that once, and had just a fantastic time.) Once you have a bunch of friends, when you get on just ask everyone if they want to play with you, and as long as you have at least 2 or 3 friends with you it cuts back the trolls amazingly. And at that point playing with friends, even if you lose you can still have a blast!

    (Also, if you want I can join you for games on my level 1 account. I made a smurf account to play with my friend who never actually started so it is just sitting there.)
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