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    5 levels enough for CATA, but for MOP?

    ok when Cata came out and people where complaining about the only 5 levels insted of 10, blizz came out and said " well we gave you the 1-60 revamp to make up for it" and we came to accept it, because it was true.

    now that MoP is coming out we are getting again 5 levels, but no revamp, are you guys ok with this?

    i am Ok only because they said they will pump out content more frequently through out the expansion and so far most of their promises have been keped, but i just want to know if every one is ok with it.

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    Numbers are just numbers. It could be 1 level but take 50 hours to reach, or it could be 50 levels but you ding with every quest hand in.

    I trust Blizzard to give us more than enough content now that they don't have to worry about the old world revamp.

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    5 levels is enough, 10 and it becomes a chore.
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    I miss the extra 10 levels. When Cata shipped, it felt like we paid the same $ for less...
    The 1-60 revamp was nice but it was optional content for high level characters, although it was great for low levels.

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    There's many problems about Cata but lack of levelling content is not one of them.

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    Like Kisho said, levels are arbitrary. It would even be just one level and take 10 zones to level it out.

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    I much rather prefer the way I leveled from 80 to 85 then from 70 to 80. And besides, even though there are only 5 levels, each level needs tons of xp to be gained. THink of it as 2 levels condensed into 1, 10 into 5. It's just numbers man.

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    I'm fine with it. In fact, I feel that there is too much levelling. I am still at 89 (was nearly at 90, but logged in to find I needed another 6 bars after the stupid update). I have no motivation for levelling, no interest in the drivel in the quests. It's just not entertaining to me.

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    I don't have any problems with it. It took a reasonable amount of time (imo) to reach max level, even if it was 5 levels and I can so easily go back and finish off the remaining quests that I missed during the levelling process so 5 is enough but if you want more quests to do so you can experience the zones then just go back at level 90

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    I think it works since they're focusing on continuing the questing experience at max level with the stories unfolding for dailies, more options at end game, etc. For people who enjoy questing, they can and those that don't won't have to at that point.

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    Leveling has never been my most favorite thing to do, so having to do more lvls (even if it takes the same time) gets kind of like a chore.

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    I don't really mind whether the number is 10 or 5. Sure it felt kinda faster in Cata but didn't really differ in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    5 levels is enough, 10 and it becomes a chore.
    5 Levels worth 5000000 XP total or 10 Levels worth 5000000 XP total, which one is a bigger chore?

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    In my opinion every expansion should've had just 5 levels.
    Sure, 10 levels are more than 5, but from 80 to 85 we became 5x stronger.
    If every expansion gave 10 levels, we'll all be level 100 in MoP.

    NO WAY i'd level a character from level 1 to level 100. By adding just 5, the leveling experience is still reasonable.

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    I personally didn't feel like the 80->85 levelling in Cata went "too fast". If it takes the right amount of time, the numbers don't matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    I personally didn't feel like the 80->85 levelling in Cata went "too fast". If it takes the right amount of time, the numbers don't matter.
    MoP was roughly the same as Cata prior to today. They buffed XP required per level by 50% in today's patch, surprised it didn't make front page.

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    I like the 10 levels extension more. Feels like 5 levels is too little.

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    I imagine they could have just halfed the amount of xp you need per level and it would have passed as 10 without anyone raising an eyebrow. But if you think about it, it would reach very high numbers within a few expansions (100+) and I know Blizz have said that 100 doesn't mean the end but a number like that is pretty daunting to new customers.

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    I would be worried if we had less zones per level. But Woltk zones are like 70-72, let's say, instead of 70-71, so it doesn't bother me. I do like rounded up number though.

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    I wonder what Blizz will do once we reach 100? Will they keep going or add some new progression path? At some point you have to think the amount of levels wont look appealing to a new player.

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