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    [H] Unknown Issues of Draenor - (4/6 MSV 1/6 HoF) LF DPS


    Unknown Issues are currently recruiting a couple DPS to fill out our roster in preparation of continuing our raid progress. (4/6 MSV) You probably have lots of questions, so let's start from the.. well, start.

    We are looking for the last person to finalize our roster, from the classes as follows:

    Warlock or Mage
    A healer; Preferably a mistweaver variant

    Unknown Issues' Goals.
    What we're looking to achieve is a friendly, supportive enviroment of likeminded people, who have jobs and/or family and therefore don't have all the time in the world to play this game we all know and love (well, most of us anyways). That said, we still want to progress through and experience all the endgame content Mists has to offer.

    We're aiming to have a 2 days a week/3 hours per night raiding schedule, currently scheduled on mondays and wednesdays from 21:00 to 00:00 server time, with as small core as possible, allowing people to get home from work, do some chores and caring for their loved ones before they sit down to spend a enjoyable, festive night of progressing steadily in a friendly, joyous enviroment.

    That said, most of our members still log on during the weekdays and weekend to do the rep grinds, weekly dungeon clearing and, of course, sit around in Orgrimmar like we don't give a damn.

    Who are Unknown Issues?
    The current core of UI started up a guild shortly before the Cataclysm, with some members playing together even before that, and have all been playing together ever since. We want to continue to do this, but on a more active server than the one we have been on for the past almost 2 years. We've now settled down on Draenor Horde side. Although we all know each other, we don't have problems integrating new members in the family, as long as they do their part as a contributing member of said family.

    We have members who have been in hardcore guilds and others that have been in less progressive guilds, but who all have their own reason for wanting to quiet down a bit.

    Who do we want?
    We're mainly looking for someone who will fit in with our core. Basically, we want someone who can attend our two raids a week, fit in with our core and be serious when it matters and take a joke when it doesn't matter.

    If you like what you've read or would like to know more, feel free to log onto Draenor and either ask me (Faul or any of my alts all starting with Faul), Chmur (GM) or whisper any one of our other members to leave a message with your name, server and faction and we will try to contact you there as soon as possible, or head straight to our guildsite @ http://www.unknown-issues.com
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    Added other recruitment needs.
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    Up we go!!
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    Updated, now also recruiting a capable warlock.
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    Updated needs!
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    Updated needs again, we're now recruiting one melee DPS with a viable tank spec, also recruiting one, maybe two of the ranged classes needed.
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    Updated, Melee spot has been taken.
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    Uppity! Still looking for those few prospective recruits to help us get into mop content.
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    And we're now just looking for that last recruit to finalize our team!
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    Heeeere magey, magey, magey!
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    Updated recruitment needs!
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    Up we go!!
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    Need a mage or warlock and we're set!
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    Could possibly also squeeze in a mistweaving monk!
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