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    Quote Originally Posted by Imhullu View Post
    Just for the record, I'm only a beta key holder and can participate in stress tests.
    I haven't pre purchased yet.

    Just saying this cuz I saw a few people asking about it.
    Yea I know they are friendly souls, I have played with my BWE3 key the last stress tests =) Prepurchased today though but will probably play on that key tonight, just login with new accounts to check if they work =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rzy View Post
    7,8,9,10,11 is how i counted it....then realised im an idiot!
    well, at least you relalised it, right? ;I

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedlance View Post
    I agree with you, I never believed in wow killers and I still don't but I think gw2 will seriously damage wow subscriptions, I tried the stress test and was running with 86-125 fps all the time on as high quality as possible at this time, no lag at all and the fighting was very smooth, it's just incredible how smooth it can be during a stress test lol.
    No not really...well on release WoW will feel it for 1 month, after that everything will go back to normal.

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    let's keep wow and it's playerbase/numbers out of here, please.

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    This game is fantastic IMO. never have I been so involved in leveling experience. Most MMos I click on the quest giver, They tell you where to go, do the quest, turn it in, they give you another quest, rinse and repeat then in turn they tell you to another place to get more quests, rince and repeat.

    Not saying that GW2 doesn't have that not in the same matter. The closest you get to those standard quests is your personal story. And quite frankly I was amazed that there are at least 3 different stories per race and they branch out from there depending what you decide to do. I noticed this because I have been sticking to the Norn for the stress test. The other races will have to wait. So I have 3 profession doing different stories. That's fantastic!!! I will digress.

    Initially you will have places to go points of interest where they ask you to help out NPC's by either collecting things, Destroy machinery, Feed bears and find bear traps to dismantle, and other interesting things. Those in a sense are your 'side' quests sort of speak. Best thing about it is that everyone can tribute to it and everyone get's involved without worrying about stealing a mob or talking ore. Everyone can find those. During your travels There are 'events that happen. Minotaur stampedes, Armies attacking shrines, and collectively everyone involves get's in on the action in some cases defend/guard/an NPC to their destination, stop the dredge from stealing back the ore etc.

    Yes you might say that it's similar to the Public quest system WAR implemented as well as RIFTS in RIFT. Most cases you choose to do those in GW2's case you want to because the XP is pretty decent. When I did play 3 characters in the same area I did experience most of these 'events' again but I didn't care. They were so much fun and without a doubt, some of the best immersion I ever experienced in an MMO. There were some instances where I clicked on an NPC that had no icon on him and that triggered something. That's incredible!

    And that's just in the opening so called newbie levels from 1-10. Didn't participate quite yet in any form of PVP.

    The game is beautiful and runs pretty well on this PC.

    AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 550 Processor
    @ 3.1 GHz
    8GB ram
    Windows 7
    It say I have Nividia 9500 GT But that doesn't sound right I have to find my Driver CD

    could have a better GPU but still pretty decent.

    I did experience some issues in today's test. The last hour the lag was really bad even in instanced areas but that's to be expected. There were some graphical glitches that wasn't game breaking. no issues yesterday other than problems logging in for the first hour.

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