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    Craziest LoL Strategies

    Well folks, just a few minutes ago I had the most fun I've had in a long time losing a League game. You see, we had a player who decided to be afk through the entire champion select, and so he got a random champion, Kassadin. Seeing this, our hero decided to troll a little, so he went bottom lane with an mp5 item, and no potions or wards or any such items.

    Our team was comprised of myself, an Orianna who went mid lane, an Evelynn who was jungling, a Blitzcrank, a Kassadin, and a Master Yi. Master Yi decided he wanted to go bottom lane. Blitzcrank was understandably upset, and asked Master Yi to go top lane. Unfortunately for our team, Yi declined. Upon learning this, Blitzcrank decided to join Kassadin in his trolling quest.

    So our two heros went forth on their quest, attacking Diana in their jungle, ganking lanes, and making a general nuisance of themselves. Along the way I earned a few kills from our friendly trolls who decided Fiddlesticks was a nice target standing in that middle lane. Thus did Orianna become slightly fed. Now you can imagine that they encountered many setbacks, and the score was definitely not in our favor for the majority of the game. However, after a long and bloody battle we managed to get to their turrets, and began to fight back - when we were promptly destroyed and pushed back to our base.

    At this point it was clear who the victor was, though we still fought back tooth and nail. The game ended - and I was laughing the entire time. We lost, and it was a blast. Now the point of this tale is that I can't be the only one who has enjoyed something like this, and thinking about how we did, I might try to gather a group of buddies to make a strategy where something like this trolling could actually be an interesting new strategy that could be a fun way to play and surprise the enemy team.

    So, share what you have, and maybe how it could actually be a fun way to play that the enemy team will never see coming! (Also, granted, a strategy like this would never have any opportunity for use in a high elo game where the players can actually improvise and change the strategy they use on the fly, so don't be afraid to post something stupid, idiotic, or just plain fun. You never know!)
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    Double jungle set up (Skarner and Maokai), with a solo Cait bottom, Vlad top, and Pantheon mid. (ranked soloQ)

    I was Maokai...we camped bottom lane during the first 5 minutes of laning phase and put Cait way ahead. We then proceeded to roam and counter jungle like mad. We got an early oracles and made sure the enemy had no idea where we were. Pantheon would ult to top or bottom if we weren't ganking his lane.

    It was absolutely hilarious, they surrendered at about 30 minutes...score was 25 to 6 or so.
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    We are trying something soon, more for fun than a serious strategy, which is having 2 junglers and splitting it up to either side of mid lane (taking their camps on spawn). Having jungler with good sustain and reasonable dueling power who don't NEED blue is what we wanted to use (will use Lee Sin and Mundo w/ Exhaust). Then have a good solo lane champ to do bot lane and a strong AD Kayle top to go 1v1. Then a standard mid.

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    No set lanes no junglers whole team roaming. Me on riven running around with diana, jarvan with fiddlesticks and darius solo.

    They didn't know what the hell was happening and we where slaughtering themm all over the place it was hilarious. We yust killd a lane pushed their tower and yust went roaming again killing people the moment they ran back.

    They decided to all group up in middle lane but with all the gold we already had at that point it was hopeless for themm amd they surrenderd soon after.

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    Teemo was adc but camped mid with fiddle instead. I was Lulu bot and our jungler fed me so I'd roam around and gank and feed other people.

    Never had any crazy strats that I actually remember.

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    13 mana pots zilean

    I only tried it one game, and it's very possible / probable that the other team was just baddies, but oh mah god, those bombs.

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    had 5 teleports.

    at 110ish someone with boots would ward bottom bush then recall back up top to gank top laner

    when we successfully kill top laner and push tower we would immeditately teleport to bottom ward that we set up then kill the bottom 2 heroes. then push tower then start the game with hug amount of gold then win the game :P in oceanic now Lol

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    SivHD's superstar Heimerdinger support.

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    Nunu, Kayle, Jax, Karthus, Cho'gath, all with smite (or just jungle if you don't want to make it completely obvious). Pink wards at Baron around 13:00 and before every dragon spawn.

    ~level 2 Dragon and 15 minute Baron.

    Guaranteed to not work if the other team pays attention.

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    had 5 teleports.

    at 110ish someone with boots would ward bottom bush then recall back up top to gank top laner

    when we successfully kill top laner and push tower we would immeditately teleport to bottom ward that we set up then kill the bottom 2 heroes. then push tower then start the game with hug amount of gold then win the game :P
    Did this once, but we had our support put 2 wards on red + blue, so that 2 people could teleport in on the enemy jungler. Needless to say the jungler left when he lost both buffs and was still level 1 around 5 minutes into the game.

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    Me top as Mundo. Ahri mid. Eve, Twitch and Shaco jungler. This was after the buffs to Eve and Twitch. The three junglers rotated for bot lane, ganking in twos/threes all the time. Funny thing was we didn't know each other and were in a mood to troll, so everyone happily accepted this strategy. More funny was that we won with a score of 80 to 40 something. There was no laning after 5 mins, just jungling and troll killing with all of us using stealth and escapes to come in gank or hit a bit and then run with them chasing us and getting killed by one of the stealthers. They got very frustrated and called us retards in the post-game chat. Seeing them all rage made me laugh hard :P
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    First time ranked (played on friends acc.): I trolled, picked Yi, both teams were "OMG, he's trolling us", I decided to go jungle, 10 min later I'm 4-0-2; by being a complete and ignorant idiot I've defeated players that were much better than me! At the end of the game they (both teams) asked me 'Did you just troll us and owned the game?', to which I replied; 'Just trying some stuff out, mashin' buttons, meltin' faces!', say hello to the best result in a Jenkins-situation!

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    we all hid mid and ganked mid straight off the bat, didn't influence the game alot as we tended to always win anyways, but seeing him say "what the hell was that all about" was worth it
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    3 mid, 2 junglers. We managed to nuke to their base turret at mid inhib inside 10 minutes. After which it was a roaming game, turned into a bit of a slaughter. They surrendered at 20 and I lost count of the amount of kills we had, was great fun.

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    Volibear and ap amumu bot lane. Destroyed people so hard it wasn't even funny

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    I guess this is fairly relevant:

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    2 Junglers, timo and an AD soraka

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    AD sona with support ashe. Instalock with a friend and laugh when your team notices

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    Can only agree with Mest. Siv HD is full of crazy strategies... He is all you need
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    Can only agree with Mest. Siv HD is full of crazy strategies... He is all you need
    i recommend everyone to watch his shaco guide.

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