The Rat Pack is a level 25 Alliance guild raiding on the Uldaman Server (Eastern Time). We have been around for 3 + years now under the same management.

We are in the process of making another 10 man raid team.
This is not a 2nd hand team. This team will be as good as the players who are in it.
We are expecting this team to push into MOP with great success.

Our guild understands that people have a real life and at times that real life comes before playing WoW.

Do you have any or many of the following circumstances listed below:
Do you have a real life that comes before WOW?
Do you have a wife, husband, family, job or school that at times prohibit you from raiding?
In your current guild do you get penalized or yelled at like a red headed step child for missing raids here or there.

Do you want to play in a mature environment with mature players?
Well look no further, The Rat Pack understands that real life comes before WOW. We do not penalize players for missing raids when real life calls.

Who we are:
We are a group of mature players with all types of real life situations that at times come before the game and we understand that. We don't hold real life against you if you miss a raid.

We are a semi hardcore guild, meaning if you plan to raid then we want you to play your character to it's fullest potential, know not to stand in bad stuff and be able to stand in good stuff.

We are not casual by any means because when it's time to raid we are focused on the task(s) at hand..
We expect players to be raid ready, on time and focused on the current task at hand.
Our raid leaders do not scream and shout, but it is expected that everyone learns the boss strats and play their toon to the best of their ability.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for fun energetic players that can cut up and at times take positive criticism.
We want players who are raid ready and on time for raids.
If your going to miss raid its simple decline on the in game calendar. If you accept a raid invite, but suddenly find out you cannot make it, but you can get to our website just make a quick post in our MIA section.
Players who don't stand in the bad red stuff but love to stand in the good yellow, green or blue stuff.

What we do for you:
We do provide guild repairs for raiders
We provide free enchants to new gear acquired in our progression raids
We provide a fun filled, drama free playing environment.

NEW NEW NEW: we are giving rewards for completing milestones coming in MOP like leveling professions to level 600, being the first level 90 in guild, being the first of your class in guild to hit level 90. These ALL earn GOLD REWARDS.
All Classes and Specs. Looking for Tanks and Healers especially
Having a dual spec that you know how to play is a bonus
Raid Leading experience a plus. We would like to have 2 raid leaders for each 10 man raid team.

This new 10 man raid team is NOT a 2nd hand team. We are looking for the dedicated hardcore players who want to progress through current and upcoming content.

Raid Days and Times:
Tuesday 9 - 11:30pm EST
Wednesday 9 - 11:30pm EST

When MOP gets released we will add Sunday nights 9-11:30pm EST back to our progression raid schedule.

Please look at or email [email protected] or real id: [email protected] for more information.

Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon