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    Zyra or Diana.. can't choose..

    ATM i've started moving more mid lane as i've previously stuck to top / jungle. With these 2 knew champs who are very tempting I cant choose which. Zyra I have seen to be very strong and Diana well yes she is new but she also roflstomps if played OK.

    I am quite a new player and not that great. Figured zyra would be good for some mid practise. Advice please!

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    I'd go with Zyra, she just got nerfed but they weren't too bad. I haven't played with or against enough Diana's to know if she'll get nerfed or if shes even worthy of a nerf. Being ranged might be a little safer as a new player so you don't have to be up in melee range to CS. It's also a bit easier to deal with other champions harass. Feels to me like Zyra brings a bit more to a team as well with the snare, ult knockup, and the post death true damage skill shot. Keep in mind, I haven't played either champion.

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    Zyra's already after her nerfs, Diana's are (most likely) incoming. I'd pick Zyra, just because that way you won't have your new toy brought down within a week or so.
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    Zyra for mid.
    She's an amazingly scary AP carry.
    She has a good CC/ farming tools and turrents.

    I feel that Diana may get hit by the nerf hammer, but she shouldn't be a mid champ in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    Zyra's already after her nerfs, Diana's are (most likely) incoming. I'd pick Zyra, just because that way you won't have your new toy brought down within a week or so.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuthe View Post
    Zyra for mid.
    She's an amazingly scary AP carry.
    She has a good CC/ farming tools and turrents.

    I feel that Diana may get hit by the nerf hammer, but she shouldn't be a mid champ in the first place.
    I'm actually hoping for some early game survivability buffs for her jungle and may of the pros seem to agree. Diana gets completely crippled without blue and she will never win a duel in the jungle. With no escapes, all the enemy jungler has to do is pick fights and he will get easy kills.

    OT: Zyra for mid. Diana is better put in the jungle. She can function in lane, but it's much harder since she is melee and will be harassed when trying to last hit. Zyra is wicked safe and has good damage even after the nerfs.

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    Diana's nerfs are coming, and I'm betting her scaling mid-late game is gonna be hit hard. Also she is super easy to lane against in mid since her crescent is super easy to dodge early game (get's a little tough during team fights or getting chased of course).

    Zyra is safe, easy, a basic mid champ, who's pretty fun. I'd definitely go with a zyra if you want to mid.

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    Good luck with Diana because she'll most likely get her umbilical cord cut in a few weeks. Zyra on the other hand has hers recently, but is still a better (and safer) champ right now.
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    I doubt Diana nerfs. She is performing poorly in jungle, definitely not dominating mid or top, but not that bad either. She needs her shield manacost reduced to be not so blue-reliant, damage-wise she is just fine. Bursty - yes, but its fine for an assassin. If they nerf her burst with no buffs to compensate she will be left out in the cold forever.

    My advice? Don't buy either of them before trying out. Zyra will be free next week, Diana not so long after.
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    One is classic AP carry with interesting mechanics, other is assassin. Quite different styles of play.

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    the way i see it is that Diana is more of a jungler and zyra is more for mid lane so which ever one you want to do, jungle or mid

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    Alright thanks Well to all the people that read my post and commented accordingly anyway :P. But yes I may go with zyra. I am currently focusing on victor and ahri mid as those are the two champs I do "ok" with. Also I tend to go a little bit towards ahri seeing as she is an asassain champ and that appeals to me a bit more. Any other champs people may reccomend for a new to mid player?

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    Between those 2 my personal mid choice would be Zyra. I play both champions and Diana is, as stated before, better off jungling.

    Zyra has really low mobility, but in return has great CC and lane control through free vision (more or less), better turrets than Heimerdinger, a skillshot snare or slow-on-hit minions. Her ultimate is an ability that's been designed for turning teamfights around as well. If you learn to play Zyra well and get the hang of the tricks you can do with the seedlings you'll probably carry quite a few games.

    Other than that as for other viable mid champions: Kassadin, Morgana, Malzahar.

    The first 2 are pretty obvious for what reason they make good mid champs, Malzahar is a weird one.
    He doesn't see a lot of tournament play because his ultimate is one of the strongest single target nukes in the game, but it's easily broken.
    Personally I love playing Malzahar. Main reason is the free cs you get just for picking him (that DoT OMG!). Other than that he has a long range silence, an AoE pool which competes with Morgana's and his passive (with the recent update) really puts people on edge.

    The DoT basically is your lane control, anyone who ever played against a decent or good Malzahar will think twice about staying in minion waves while the DoT is hopping about, the silence is a bit of a "skillshot" as it has a delayed effect, but once you get the hang of it, it's one of your most devastating tools to control mid. The AoE pool is mostly used as a part of the "ultimate combo" but is decent zone control as well. You can place it in a way that forces the opponent into the minion wave with a jumping DoT for example.

    Anyway, this post is excessively long as it is. Hope you find a new champ you enjoy, and good luck!

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    Red ( read? ) every bit of that WickedWookie. thanks alot mate I dont have mala atm but will look into buying him .I know the strength of kassa and Morg but both get banned quite often :P.

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    I'd go for Diana. She has an engaging gameplay and is quite powerful. She is OP atm but after the nerfs she will be good, I think.

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    Diana is hardly OP. If anything, she's pretty weak for the role she was intended for: AP Jungling.

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    Definitely Zyra. Even after nerfs still incredibly strong.
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    Zyra, So viable with the team fights. Awesome mid, So very aggressive. Makes me want to cry when I vs her.

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    I'm surprised people are calling for nerfs to Diana, if anything she is one of the most balanced champions introduced in awhile. Also I find she is perfect for either jungling or ap mid, just swap out the attack speed reds for magic pen and bam. Also rushing a DFG is actually incredibly strong with her kit. If anything I see her as a slightly tankier akali and like akali you are rewarded heavily for outplaying your opponent. Even now she can be easily countered in lane, I'm fairly certain ryze will just destroy Diana early on, other picks such as a good cass or zyra player could do the same. I suppose a good veigar could bait her ultimate and then land event horizon easily and just instagib as well. At this point I see no problem with Diana like I did with Zyra before the hotfix nerf(although since that nerf I have not seen anyone play her which is weird).

    Now in regards to Zyra she is some kind of crazy orianna/heimerdinger plant thing. She has a lot of easy harass and with her snare she can easily harass in lane and her ultimate(basically orianna ultimate on crack last I felt it in game) she can control teamfights. With her plants she has incredible control of her lane and can push very well. Both champions are pretty damn strong so at this point it is all up to player preference and play style. Only real counters to zyra in lane are assasin ap's with lots of mobility and damage and that can one shot her. I'm sure a good Leblanc would easily dodge and own zyra, but zyra with her passive could trade with her.
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