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    On the Exodar, lecturing Neophytes.

    Interest Peak and a Fast Slide Downhill.

    Well, Mif is banned and they finally made Fencers a mod. Have fun with your new constantly anal retentive butthurt overlord.
    Ban me, I'll see you guys on the official forums or GW2G.


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    Also, you're like, 3 days late.

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    Where did Mif go anyway?
    Valar morghulis

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    If Mif got himself banned then he did something to make himself deserve a ban.

    If Fencers got promoted to a Moderator, then he did something to deserve it.

    Simple as that. Even though Mif being nice and linking stuff and whatnot that is not an excuse of being mean to others.

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    If you have a problem with moderation send a PM to sunshine, but it's pretty obvious I can't allow this thread.

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    Erm, yea but no. -- Fencers

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