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    people who arent skilled will probably quit this game

    if the pvp gear is the same both sides so it really depends on skills and teamwork.

    i think that most of the people who arent really skilled will find this game too hard n boring and quit.
    and all the people who want to be the best will play this game. and i think that is a very small minority.

    think about it.. look at wow they made it easy on purpose. they made it appealing to the mass.
    all the casual gamers/kids/noobs can log on to wow get some gear and facepwn some noob.

    but in guild wars 2 you actually have to be skilled.
    thats why i think wow was such a success
    dont get me wrong i think gw2 will be a success as well.
    but i also think that alot of the 'lesser skilled' players would quit early because they cant facepwn someone as easy as pressing 123 like in wow

    what do you guys think?

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    This... is not going to go well.

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    No, there's almost no depth on your analysis, in WvW your level is important too, will motivate your "lesser players" to keep pvping even if it's unfair on your own eyes.

    Let's take into account the well known League of Legends (since both have kind of the same structure in sPvP AND most rioters played and liked the original GW1, I remember a long discussion about map development in the General discussion forum of LoL, they quoted a lot of Guild Wars 1 pvp style and how it succeded/failed, there were no negative points about the competitive/skill aspect).

    Ever played Starcraft 2? woah, way too competitive and grinding league doesn't give you any edge over your opponent yet you want to get better just for the sake of it, same goes for LoL (which actually helps a bit more due to a minor grinding method like IP does with champs/runes) or DotA, yet they keep being popular games.

    This thread will not end well, the whole thought process behind this thread is flawed, can't see a good ending for this more than a endless discussion about gear progression... sorry to say but this should get closed.

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    There are many types of content to appeal to a broad spectrum of skillsets.
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    For PVP, it depends on how effective the matchmaking is. If you're usually fighting people who are equally competent (or equally incompetent, as the case may be), then everyone should be having fun regardless of skill level.

    For PVE, you definitely may be right. Fighting any enemy more difficult than your standard solo world mob requires much more awareness and concentration than in other MMOs. You need to be able to be able to adjust your general tactics on the fly in addition to having fast reactions, which is going to be too difficult for many players.

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    I think this is an unnecessary thread and a lot of people left WoW becouse it got to easy btw.

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    There is more to do than just WvWvW that requires no skill or just jumping skill.
    But in PvP specifically , yes I believe you need to learn how pvp works in GW2 and those who do learn become skilled so sure in that respect it's needed... but saying non skilled players will leave is silly

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    Yeah, closing this down. This isn't going to go nice places.

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