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    Quote Originally Posted by Duilliath View Post
    Two/thirds of a cloth armour (12 armour), or a 200 gold equivalent
    Half a Null-Magic mantle (+12 MR), or a 200 gold equivalent
    Whats even better: these (blue and yellow) runes can be safely used for almost any champion especially in blind mode. Going top? Armour + MR is the best choice. Going mid? Flat MR is pretty much mandatory. AD, Support? Armour is a must, as is MR (flat or scaling). And they are dirt cheap.
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    Buy some 450 IP champions to play along with the free ones. Save IP for runes, but if you find a champion that´s free that you really like you should definitly save up for it.

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    At this level try champions out, find where on the map you belong and save up for the runes that will fit the role the most.
    (armor and magic resist are most popular for many champs) pretty much what everyone else said.

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    I really recommend saving IP up to vll 30. And if you are lucky, try Diana and Riven, those are crazy fun champions!

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    Spend em on w/e ya want if you want to play new champions, just be sure not to buy runes at all until level 20+. Although at sub level 10, it can be worth it to drop like 500 ip on a few cheapo tier 1 runes, just for the advantages they give.

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    Currently I am buying some rune pages (they should be a lot cheaper, 6,3k IP for 1 page is madness!!).
    Thinking of saving some IP so I can get Fizz or some new champion.

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    I bought runes from level 1 onwards and just played free champs until level 15~ unless I found a champ I particularly enjoyed then bought them. Variety is the spice of life, and runes do give a little advantage early game if your lane opponent is not using them.

    Also, I wouldn't advise draft pick until you have maybe 3/4 champions you are fairly strong with as more often than not people will join premade and try to bully you into roles you aren't comfortable playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sythari View Post
    I'm currently level 10 and I'm trying to save my IP up for runes when I hit 20 (I've seen they're really expensive) so far I've only bought one champion (yi) and I plan on saving till 20 or buying cheap champions so I can try the 'draft pick' game mode.

    What do you spend your IP on?

    Try to safe most ip for runes until level 20. There are four slots of runes and I recommend buying 6 runes for every slot for every role you are interested in once you hit 20.

    Check out [1] for a flow-chart. As you will see Flat Armor Seals and Flat Magic Resist Glyphs are useful for everyone. If you want to buy champions, only buy them, if they cost 1350 ip or less. There are a lot of champions in the game and just because you liked one of them really much doesn't mean, that there can't be another one, who is even more fun to you.

    The roles in the current meta (meta is the approved way of most efficiently playing the game):
    AP Carry: Usually played solo mid or solo top lane. Relies on her Ability Power (AP) to do a lot of damage. Her task is to annhilate a valueable squishy target of the enemy team, such as the enemy AP or AD carry.

    AD Carry: Usually played duo bottom lane with a support. Relies on her Attack Damage (AD), which are enhanced by items to do the most sustained damage in the late game (when everyone is level 18 and has 5 or 6 items). The AD Carry is supposed to stay as safe as possible and damage the closest+squishiest target. Abilities are mostly used for utility rather than damage.

    Bruiser: Usually played in the jungle or solo top lane. Usually melee. The bruiser wants to kill squishy valueable targets in team fights as soon as possible. Bruisers are usually strong 1vs1 fighters and can tank quite some damage.

    Tank: Usually played in the jungle or solo top lane. Usually melee. The tank causes disruption with his crowd control on the enemy team. He knocks up/stuns/silences/knocks back key targets in order for his team to safely damage and kill them. He can also take on the role of the peeler to create a forced distance between his team's squishies and the enemy team's bruisers.

    Jungler: The player who is not laning. He can be any other role. Most common role for him is tank/bruiser. Most champions need 9 flat armor yellow runes to be able to efficiently farm the jungle. If you want to jungle without runes, I suggest Nunu and Warwick. Fiddlesticks might work, too, because of his life drain.

    Support: The player who is laning bottom with the AD carry. Her task is to harrass the enemy players and provide dragon control by putting wards, while not attacking creeps at all, unless her AD carry is not present. In teamfights she provides utility through spells and items and safeguards her AD carry.

    There are crossovers between the roles, but you will get to know them.

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    Ignore runes until you can buy and use Tier 3. (Level 20 i believe)
    They wont make much difference to your gameplay, But if you decide to buy some, Just combine 5 runes into the rune converter when your done with them to upgrade 5 into 1 rune thats is the next tier up.

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