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    I keep hearing people talk about the new activities in WoW like the pet battles and farmville, but did people actually know that Guild Wars 2 has some similar activities? So far only one such activity has been active in beta and stress tests but some expect an activity to be present in each major city. I thought a discussion about these activities might make people more aware.

    Keg Brawl:This is the activity that has been activated and is enormously fun! I implore anyone who hasn't seen this activity to try it in the stress test tonight. The abilities in this activity are very balanced and working with your team mates is quite interesting. Unlike spvp this activity is very easy to just jump in and do very well in. You also get glory for pvp rewards depending on how you do! Highly recommended.

    Target Shootout: The shooting range will be in divinity's reach and will apparently test your skill at aiming. Possibly with crosshair gameplay? This has a high chance of making it to launch

    Bar Brawl: This was one of the first activities to be featured by Arenanet. I haven't actually explored Divinity's Reach enough to try and figure out which bar may have these brawls but apparently it'll simply replace your weapon with beer to smack people with.

    Smash 'Em Ups: Mentioned in a blog post, this activity will apparently have you riding smash em up robots a the carnival. I am expecting this to be in Divinity's reach as well. Unknown if it'll make it to launch.

    Tenanera's Pit: Arenanet spelled backwards! If I were to guess at Lion'a Arch activity , I would guess at this pit being the site of Pet Battles for Minipets. While never mentioned, the arena is in place and with all the minipets to collect, GW2 may very well do something similar to MoP's pet battles.

    Polymock: One of the more interesting parts of GW1 this system was the original pet battles or "pokemon" activity. Many asked if it would make a return in GW2. While never given a straight answer if it did return it would be much more refined and akin to Colin Johansen's original vision. However with the polymock arena present in rata sum and dataminers uncovering certain items such as packs that give you polymock pieces in game! If not at launch these will be in soon and there doesn't seem to be any other activity located in Rata Sum yet.

    These activities don't include any in the Grove or in the Black Citadel so if anyone sees any interesting locations in those cities that might indicate an activity please share! In early interviews developers said there would be 30 activities for players but as these statements were early on (2010) they should be taken with a grain of salt.

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    Yes, I think this is a really nice post for people to see what's going to be available in the game.
    I've personally had a lot of fun on Keg Brawl - even if I constantly lost - and I can recommend you all to go and try it at least once in this upcoming stress test. =D

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    I don't think the pit will be pet battles, pretty sure that's what polymock is for... The pit in the books was essentially a gladiator arena, so maybe it'll be like that?

    IF it's pet battles though I'd be pleased nonetheless, just sayin what it's more likely to be...

    PS: they confirmed a while back every main city will have a handful of mini games in them so there's still a few they're hiding from us, the bastards!!
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    Sounds like a good time. I want to try bar brawl

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    I love minigames! these sorts of things i can sink in 100s of hours

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    Yet another thing to put on the checklist for release! I should make one on some A3 paper and put it on my wall.

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