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    Charslot Question

    i know i have 5 slots at release
    i know there are 8 proffesions and everyone talk about more slot buying and they buy all 8 slots

    so my question is - Is 8 slot max? or can i buy more than 8 charslots? (dont need coments like more than 8 useless^^)
    anyone know?

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    Yeah you can, max number hasn't been released yet but in GW1 I think max was 26 slots.

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    We know that there is an expansion of the character slots, but it was through the beta weekend viewing that we were able to see. It is still unknown how many is the limit.

    800 gems = 1 slot

    Source: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Char...Slot_Expansion

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    And 800 gems is 10 euros as I checked yesterday, just for your information.
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    Highest possible number of char slots in GW1 is 26.

    Don't know yet for GW2, but it's likely to be quite high as well.

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