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    You can get Server EXP boosts from WvW as well as Guild banner ExP boosts. No need to pay cash for one if you want to level faster.

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    Nope, just buying some space increases for bags, bank, etc and maybe a few misc things here and there.

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    Nope. why kill the experience? i want to enjoy lvling up

    I don't want gw2 to be like it was in WoW for me, speed leveling is a big no no for me this time round.

    Fun > 1337ness
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    First character no.

    Can't comment on rest.

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    yep. That way I really dont have to worry about being underlevelled, and since being over levelled is not an issue in the game, I fail to see any downside.

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    Yh....forgot to mention in my post that these are available without spending real money. Either by gold>gems or as drops/purchasable from vendors.

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    No I wouldn't buy them, having such a timed buff for would make me feel stressed more than anything else.

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    I will not buy them.
    You can get them with the Black Lion chest, since you can have Key as reward for personnal story quests.

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    I have no plans to whatsoever - but if, for whatever reason, there's a situation in the future when I just absolutely have to have a max level X then I guess I might if I want to make it as fast as possible.

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    Nah, I'm not in so much as a rush as i'd pay to level quicker. I'll probably pay for extra stuff like bank/character slots though.

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    on exp boost? no for levling the exp on kills is just useless as most exp will come from events. For crafting why would i do that?i like the system and will probaly craft in batches for increase in exp. I am more likely to get character slots when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgaith View Post
    I have no plans on buying xp boosts, however i will probably buy char slots and bank/bags quickly.
    This is what I will be spending things on. EXP will come fast enough.
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    Nah, don't really think it's worth it because it only adds 50% to monster kills. But I'll probably get the Glory-booster.

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    Nope, if im going to spend money on gems it will be for extra bag slots and a bigger bank.

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    If you've done your research (and when i say research, i mean your literally sat there with your calculators and twenty+ notepads and maps of zones for minimal movement to level, and maps of the zones with hearts etc) then the XP boosts for "kills" alone are not worth the gems compared to a... unorthodox method of using gems, i won't give away my strategy away so freely but lets just say the gems to gold ratio and crafting xp tie in quite well (i think i gave it away) still, i'll still spend £15 a month+ to support such a fantastic development team and company.

    TL;DR - ArenaNet are awesome!

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    Not with real cash. Most of the cash shop items are lackluster, tbh. So I really don't have an impulse to spend here as I would in other cash shop based games.

    That said, I will use whatever XP boosters I get for free for dungeon runs. It does make a difference in the long run.

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    I can open those lockboxes by buying keys off the BLTP (AH), and get goodies that way. The keys are bought by others and put up on the AH. (Unless those somehow stay too pricey- i.e. AH vs. real $$$.)

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    Never ever, too damn expensive to get 1 hour boost.
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    No as I see it as pointless.

    Wont buy character/bank/bag slots for gems either if I can avoid it (if the gem<->gold isn't too bad).
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    Probably not. I will most likely buy character slots.

    I also have Team Fortress 2 engraved into my brain since it's my second most played game after WoW, so I'll be sinking quite a lot of money into Black Lion Keys because I freakin' love opening chests.

    I also may buy some of those repair canisters because I am absolutely obsessed with repairing my gear at every possible moment and if I sink some real money into repairing my gear, I might be able to convince myself to save repairing until my gear is severely damaged. That's just a personal thing to beat the 'I'm near a vendor that repairs anyway so I might as well' thing out of my head that I picked up from WoW since armour repair vendors are few and far between out in GW2 and very common in WoW.
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