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    Need help!

    Hello people

    Im in the situation that i have just upgraded my little brothers pc abit.
    I have giving it a new cabinet, Motherboard and PSU.
    I have assembly it all. But now it can't start.
    It can turn on the the fans for 1sec and then shuts down again.

    Need some ideers on what might be wrong here! Hope you can help me (:

    Sorry for my bad english!
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    To start with list all your pc parts, models as detailed as you can. Also which fans are working? Does the mobo have any lights/leds? Do those light up? Re-check you have all cpu 8-pin, mobo 24pin firmly pushed in. Same with ram, that is seated properly. Post a photo from your phone as well if you can maybe we can spot it if its something obvious.
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    Thank you for your reply. But i found out that it was the new psu. It couldent genereate enough power to start op the setup. It was broken when i got it(:
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