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    Mountain climbing in the Barrens as a lvl ~15 undead mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiggity View Post
    2 weeks into the game i fought a party of 5 horde with my human warlock and killed them all, i was so embarrassed
    Look out everyone. We got a badass over here!

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    My first character was an Orc Warrior, and at level 10 when I found out what talents were I decided to split them through the 3 trees. I thought it would make the best tank and dps. Hah.

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    I remember not training Salvation (you do less threat buff, very useful) as paladin, as I though it was useless. And expensive! I got few facepalm when I was in AQ20.

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    When I first came to WoW, I wanted to explore my all time favorite zones that I knew from WC3: Northrend, Quel'Thelas and Hyjal.

    I was asking in trade ''how do I get to Northrend???'' and stuff. They had no idea what I was talking about, as Northrend wasn't known to the majority of the playerbase yet.

    After finding out Northrend wasn't in the game, I looked for QQuel'Thalas... only to find out that its not in the game aswell...

    And then I wanted to see Hyjal, which was in the game... but closed >.<

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    i walked from stormwind at level 15 as a lock to thousand needles but couldnt get down the elevator cause the tauren guards kept killing me and i was oblivious to the whole horde vs alliance thing
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    Sounds like a euphemism for real life. We throw money at the rich, in hopes that we will someday be rich, and then we get hookers to piss on us. That's what trickle down economics really is.

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    I rolled a human warlock because I liked the name warlock.

    Got bored and made a hunter. Didn't like feeding Pets and taming. Quit for a bit

    Came back rolled a pally, leveled to 70. Week later lich king came out

    Quit after nax. To re roll a warrior.

    I still keyboard turn and click.

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    never doing quests, just grinding mobs, that and getting lost every two minutes

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    First character and main i made was orc warrior, and i had whirlwind axe untill like almost 50lvl.
    Raided like month with good oldie Ice Barbed Spear, and finally got upgrade when tbc came and looted the polearm from ramparts =D

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    Accidentally using a red *strength* gem on my mage and not realizing that till the day I linked the item on gchat. Everyone on vent was like: WTF!? "using str to get 'stronger' spells now? " :P

    On a similar note, doing 2's with a friend and he tells me "check my trinket". He was using a strength proc trinket on his disc priest which he bought ages ago and never realized the mistake

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    I came from Runescape to WoW. So when I started my warlock back in 2005 (the same one I play now) I asked my friend how many times I had to cast my shadowbolt before it leveled up.

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    Back in Vanilla, I ran Wailing Caverns as a hunter with four other equally clueless hunters. It was utter chaos, but we miraculously cleared the instance in about four hours. Met my best friend on that run, though.

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    This was over 7 years ago, but with in a week or two of hitting level 60 I had saved almost enough to buy epic riding, but blew a couple hundred on the dark whelpling pet, thinking it would help me in battle like the occasion mechanical whelpling I'd seen around. I still have the pet. It's funny, I doubt there are many pets in all of WoW's history that have seen quite as many current end game kills as that little guy has, from seeing Ragnaros die when MC was all their was, all the way up to Deathwing, he's seen it all.
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    My uncle got me into WOW, so he told me what server and that he was on the the Horde side. So when i logged in the first time i make a NE Hunter. I then proceed to message him in game.... and no luck. i tried to add him as a friend, but said character not found, so i thought he was logged off. next time he came over, i showed him my hunter, and he was like... your on the wrong side, i'm a horde.

    lets just say i had to start over again

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    I rolled a NE Hunter and leveled all the way to 70 on that toon. I never used traps until I hit like 60 after dueling my friend and him asking why I never used them....I don't think I really even knew about them. Oh, and also I would use raptor strike and wing clip ALL the time while fighting mobs or bosses.

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    Questing and doing bg's using a fishing rod as a weapon on my ret pala. Didn't notice until in a bg when someone wrote "Look at that noob fighting with a fishing pole" in bg chat. First i laughed and thought to my self, what a noob (didn't know what that meant tho >.<) and then realised it was me. Fun times.
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    my first char was an undead priest... when I made it to Undercity I didn't go in because I thought the abominations would kill me. I didn't realize they were guards of the Undercity until about a month later.

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    My wife and I started playing just after BC came out and were leveling togather. When we made it to Red Ridge Mountains something crazy was going on and we were dying in the middle of town. We couldn't figure out what was going on until I looked on my combat log and realized people were one shotting us! This was our first encounter with world pvp and getting ganked.
    After reading the combat log and writing down every name I could find I opened a ticket with a GM to let them know what was going on because these people were obviously doing something they shouldn't be doing!!!
    The GM must have gotten a good laugh out of that noob move!

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    When I bought Vanilla, I made a mage and thought fire would be the most OP thing to level as. Face tanking wasn't very friendly, and I died constantly. Ick..

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    I rolled a Paladin because I thought they can shapeshift...

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