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    i used to think that a fast mainhaind was better...

    im just glad that this happened back in the times when the community was still being nice to eachother, so that somebody told me to switch my weapons and see how it is.

    or like when somebody told me to keep slice and dice up as much as possible... i could facepalm at this obvious thing today^^ this was in our first molten core run, wich we made by joining people with 2 other guilds and one of those guilds had a guy in it, who was reading up on min/maxing back then already

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    i remember asking a high end member of a guild that raided naxx if I could join and he says " what enchants do you have" And I was like " ohh I have the best and most expensive ones"( I didnt know what the fuck an "enchant" was). He soon found out I was just some scrub 60. Feelsbadman.jpg

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    rolled a NE hunter in my trial period, looked at the map and i thought Teldrassil was just an area for people with trial wow because it was so distant from Kalimdor. So I thought, lets see if I can swim there which ofcourse lead to me dying from fatigue. No idea what to do after that I walked and swam to my body, get ressed and died after that again from fatigue because I couldn't get back. After several tries I thought to myself, screw this shit game and logged off. After two weeks I thought lets give it another go, found a spirit healer which ressed me, started playing again and started loving the game <)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    I meleed for 12 levels on a lock I made out of boredom one night. I had been playing a mage but for whatever reason I thought locks were melee. I was even in the beta which makes the fact that I did that even worse.
    Not that strange though, considering the original concept of a lock was them to be both melee and casters, a bit like today's DK I guess. I'd imagine - but I wasn't there then - that they may have tested melee locks in beta still. In any case, because of this plan the firestone somehow made it to live, even though locks never were intended to be melee at that point anymore (surprisingly, it stayed in the game for so long too!). Locks even were leather in alpha if I recall!

    Quote Originally Posted by ridish View Post
    I couldn't decise wheter i wanted to be frost fire or arcane mage, so i put some points into each tree.
    Haha, many mages did that. In fact, whenever we met a new mage my friend and I always bet if the mage was "tri-speccing", as we called it, or not. xD

    Anyway, when I was new.. God, I was so new. Not only was it my first MMO, it was also one of my first 3D games (yes, really). So anyway, I asked what classes could heal to my friend - I was playing on his sister's account while we were catsatting while they were on holiday - and I decided I'd play priest. Funny thing: to this day, 5 years later or so, I still cannot bear to play a priest as a result of this little adventure. Now this was somewhere in the middle of TBC, and I decided Undead were badass and I clearly would need to be Undead. I recall I've always found the Undead starting area to be exceptionally harsh on newbs even afterwards, if this is true or simply bias from this trauma, I don't know. So anyway, I was my priest. My friend was an ex-player, very experienced and used to belong to a top Vanilla guild. Despite his help I just could NOT manage. Just turning was such a hassle. I'd find a mob, walk up to it, and would start click attack, and then click smite. Most mobs killed me. Furthermore, I could not distinguish between player and NPC. I understood NPCs were 'fake' players that gave quests and just served to make the environment more pretty. At some point I figured out a system where NPCs were green and players blue. This went OK until I met a PvP-flagged player.... And so on. Yes, I talked to NPCs, and yes, I treated the few players as NPCs. It was embarassing.

    At some point he pointed out I could cast spells from RANGE, too. Somehow that hadn't occurred to me at all, so now I stood like 3 yards away from a mob instead of right in his face. I still died every 2 mobs.

    Then I decided fuck this place, I'm going elsewhere. I asked him if there were a cool place around and he said sure, Undercity. So I embarked upon my quest to Undercity, using the map he'd so kindly shown me. Note that mobs get higher and higher level as you move forward. By this time I was level 3 or something. I decided paths are not for me and cut through the forests. I pulled I don't know how many bats and what else do you have there. I died. I ressed. I died. I ressed. I died. I ressed. I alt-f4'd and didn't touch this 'PIECE OF SHIT GAME FFS' till one year later.

    So when I came back I rolled a druid. I actually made it to level 20, learned the blessed cat form... And had no money to buy cat skills. Frustrated and sad I quit and rerolled a mage with my friend. My days of noob weren't over, obviously, but my friend was a former mage and he educated me well. I now knew how to distinguish player from NPC, so there was improvement! Some things, however, you just can't learn from others. Such as that a felguard is NOT a player, and that the lock is probably laughing so hard at you while you're trying (and failing) to kill it in my first BG ever. That you really can't "solo and farm SM" as a level 30, that too. Oh, and that even getting in Tirisfal Glades in the first place is not for the weak-hearted, either, especially if you get lost and take a detour through WPL. There's probably much more I can't remember right now, and anyway I don't want to monopolize the thread. Bring the good stories on everyone.

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    Nothing really that fancy.
    I've started playing as a hunter, and until lvl 30 or so didn't realized "growl" could be turned on and off (must have turned it off by mistake without realizing) and having a hard time kiting the mobs around, wondering why the pet wouldn't keep aggro:P

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    Rolled a Nelf Rogue as a starter in TBC, and didn't realize you could repair items. Bought so many white weapons that I was always broke.

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    I think I was 14 or 15 when I first touched wow(end tbc or start wotlk).My friend was playing in a private server(pfff) and he asked me to join him.So I downloaded the game and made a human mage.I was so ridiculous I didn't even know what questing was.All I did was run around and kill cows and wolves(around the starting area.I dont know the name I never touched alliance after that).I got so sick of not gaining any xp and not finding any real beasts that i quit.Next time I played wow was at the start of Cataclysm.Joined the official servers with that same friend.This time there were a lot of guides online!

    I regret not playing on the official servers since tbc.Instead I played stupid MMOs like MU(heard of it??I thought so)

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    I don't remember doing anything overly noobish. However my buddy did play as our Warrior tank and never learned a single skill from the Defensive tree. No taunt, no sunder armor, etc. His idea of tanking was doing more damage with a 2h sword. As his healer, it was a bitch...

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    -Made a Nelf Hunter (Seems to be the trend for newbies)
    -Leveled all the way to 32 without doing any quests, insisting it was faster
    -Dat intellect gear makes you so smart, dood
    -Melee as said huntard, think it's necessary to use Wing-Clip and Raptor strike. NECESSARY
    -Got killed by Horde NPC's constantly because I did not know which villages were safe
    -Swam from Stormwind to Booty Bay
    -On my first DK (I'm a Wrath-baby) I never used Horn of Winter, ever. Got kicked from a HoL group for not doing so, and not knowing what to say when someone was like 'lol deekay's not using Horn, retard' Almost made me wanna quit
    -Thought Onyxia was the most badass thing ever, in Wrath, mind you.

    Here I am today with 8 85's, wishing WoW was as whimsical and enthralling as it was to me 4 years ago.

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    This was in early BC. I saw Shadowfang in the AH for 100g. I only had 300g to my name. Didn't buy it. Biggest mistake of my WoW career. NOOB!

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    I ran to the dark portal as a lvl 1 Night elf. Why? Because it was so awesome i had to see it.

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    i played on a private server with friends and we though we were the bomb!

    later we all went retail, and found out we were all of bunch of noobs still

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    When I first played I had no idea that you could zoom out or look around with the RMB (I was both stupid and father excited so didn't bother to find a solution ) and I played a Tauren. So most of my screen was some enormous cow, and Mulgore had a lot of hills and I didn't know you look up them.
    Fun times.

    I also remember being called a ninja and not knowing what it meant....

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    Best. Thread. Ever.

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    I misspelled rogue.
    I used int weapons on my warrior, cause they looked cooler.
    I couldn't figure out how to type in the LFG
    And a lot of other silly things.

    Ah the memories
    Ghagg gagh gaggh ghaaaagh gaghg ggahg gaggh - Mia Khalifa

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    Did quite a few newbie-things back when I started I believe, but the worst gotta be...When I tried to get to Moonglade from Azshara. By swimming. Yes, I swam aaaaaaal the way around to Darkshore. Then I guildie told me about that tunnel and I procceded to die quite a few times in there trying to get there .
    I was Once a Nab
    Then I rolled a Paladin
    Thats when I found out
    that I REALLY was a Nab

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    Funniest thing was something I didn't do myself.

    During an instance-run through one of the BC-instances, some random player asked via chat after one of the fights:

    "Hey guys, how can you cast so often? I can't leaf through the pages of my spellbook this fast!"

    Incredibly funny

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    with lvl 10 i was spaming..can i join raid to? Epic!

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    sinking obscene amounts of money into blacksmithing.
    This is pretty much what I thought the game was about for the first 4 months.

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    I melee'd to level 20.

    I'm a hunter.

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