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    Got intellect gear for my warrior. because i wanted to boost as much stats as I possibly could while trying to keep them equal
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    Rolled a Retribution Paladin in TBC content. Got it to 70.

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    I remember my old UI, it was a terrible mismatch of addons. My screen shots from those days make me shudder.
    Also, keyboard turning.

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    My first dungeon as a newbie druid, decided to tank Deadmines in cat form. Needless to say, it didn't go too well. I needed on every item that dropped, to disenchant it to level up my enchanting skill. The group called me a ninja, to which I adamantly replied that I wasn't a ninja, I was a druid.

    I also used to think that mage tables only had a limited amount of food/drink on them, and would only take one stack so there was enough for other people.

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    There was a lot of things i did but one that sticks out the most was when I made my first guy back in vanilla, it was a warrior, I kept clicking the right mouse button to attack and my friend pointed out that I didn't have to do that since it was auto-attack.

    Also instead of doing dungeons to get green gear I just bought the armor and weapons from vendors and used those. Lol those were the days.

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    remembered 2 more things that got my attention as weird very early in my game-time -

    1) gnome warriors were taken seriously, when clearly they lacked mass and should have a huge Str. penalty, like -50% or something.
    2) same with female characters, clearly they were smaller and for humans at least we know there are differences in muscle development/density. I figured this was marketing and pc stuff, though.
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    Levelling an Elemental (Melee) Shaman.
    Rolled need on Kresh (Wailing Caverns turtle boss) shield.
    Won it.

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    i spent at least two hours trying to /mount a bunch of random animals because i wanted a damn mount and i had no idea how to get one.
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    I kept rerolling toons (class/race combos) and playing to level 6ish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huangzhong9 View Post
    i spent at least two hours trying to /mount a bunch of random animals because i wanted a damn mount and i had no idea how to get one.
    I did the same thing, lol. I remember spending an hour near the stables in Goldshire. The moment I saw horses and a stable master - I assumed this is where I can get my mount. Oh how disappointed I was when I learned how much gold I needed for the real mount and levels 40-60 were a requirement.

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    30 more seconds on the battle shout duration was obviously a much more beneficial talent than a measly 5% increased crit chance.

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    Back in vanilla, when you could spend talents anywhere, I didn't realize I had to spec in one tree. So I would go from Left to Right across all three talent trees putting 1 point in for each talent until the next line was accessible and then would move down the line doing the same thing XD

    I think by level 40 or so someone in Org caught my newby mistake and was kind enough to point me in the right direction. Too much Hybrid ftl!

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    I was useing my wand a lot more than my actual spells with my warlock , which caused my death so many times /shrug

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    You remember how it used to say "Increases spell power/healing by up to xx", yeah? I figured it meant that the +spell power/healing was random up to a maximum of xx every time you cast a spell, so I went for the safe route and stacked mp5 instead

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    In vanilla at release in 2004, I rolled a Troll Mage. It was my first ever character. I found a button that made you walk. But, because the Troll walk kind of look like it was crouching around I thought it was a "crouch" key so I could hide from Alliance.

    Of course, being a real noob, I brought up the "crouch" key on official WoW forums!

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    i didn't realize there was more than 1 talent tree. also i had like 5 rogues because whenever a friend started playing the game i'd start a new character with them and i'd just roll rogue cuz i hated everything else at the time.

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    I think I must've deleted about 10 rogues before I finally got beyond level 10.. All of them either undead or trolls.

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    Got to level 12 or so just using heroic strike. Best one I didn't know how to talk in channels till level 55. So I use to stand there saying stuff like " LFG for Mara/ZF" Oh the good days of vanilla where have you gone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    I meleed for 12 levels on a lock I made out of boredom one night. I had been playing a mage but for whatever reason I thought locks were melee. I was even in the beta which makes the fact that I did that even worse.
    lmfao, i did too! first off, my first toon i rolled was a lock back in TBC, and at some point i picked up a 1H sword just because i could equip it and i thought it looked badass...and it being a sword after all, i proceeded to alternate melee and casting a spell here and there. it wasnt till after i ran ragefire chasm the first time, i was gettin whispers from the group asking me why i wasnt casting more since i had more than enough mana! it finally dawned on me when i got my first dagger with intel / sp on it that the melee weapons were in fact just there for decoration as the stats on them were what really mattered.

    i also remembered back when i was leveling a warrior and joined a dungeon group for ZF. they eventually asked me to tank, didnt have a clue so i proceeded to 'attempt' to tank in fury spec, dual wielding 1 handers and basically just attacking everything but not really understanding the concept of holding aggro. i think we made it to the top of the stairs of the temple before we finally got a proper tank. 'sigh', believe it or not no one, no one asked me what the hell i was doing trying to tank that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoticehunter View Post
    I rolled a Night Elf Hunter.
    /shudder as well

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