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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyriok View Post
    Grinded on mobs instead of questing.
    I did this too, only I didn't really consider it newby... maybe just a giant waste of time in hindsight. WoW was far from my first MMO, however it was the only one of its time that presented better XP through questing than through grinding. For a few years prior, I had been completely trained into thinking that if I wanted to get anything done right, I had to go out and plant myself somewhere and endlessly pull monsters to myself, gaining a certain amount of XP per hour.

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    My first character was a Dwarf hunter by the name of... Joedwarf. The first time I encountered a hostile mob, I ran away as quickly as I could. Shortly after I deleted Joe, I rerolled a Night Elf druid. I distinctly remember going to Dolanaar, and upon seeing the Ancient Protectors (or whatever those giant trees are called), I attempted to hide in the bushes surrounding the inn. It must've worked, because they didn't attack me! Right..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustweaver View Post
    I rolled Alliance.
    HA! That was my first mistake. My second mistake was thinking Leatherworking might be a good idea for a Warlock.

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    Not WoW, but MMORPG related.

    A friend and I started playing Everquest back in 2000 and we knew about the "Spirit of the Wolf" run speed buff and it had a boot for an icon. Well, he rolled a druid and we were hanging out in a city and he was like "dood I think I can "SoW" you!" and proceeds to cast ensnare on me. The guards didn't like that and promptly killed him. We couldn't figure out what happened so we go to do it again with the same result. We're perplexed as to why the guards would kill him for run speed buffing me and then he realizes the spell is an offensive one (EQ let you cast those on players even if they had no effect).
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    The first thing I did in Elwynn forest was attack a wolf, and somehow I turned off the auto-attack and I didnt know what the heck I was doing so I died ;(

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    Started as a Night Elf Rogue back in TBC, and was under the impression the game had a linear, platform-like structure, so I ran off Teldrassil thinking it would take me to the next area and then rolled a human.

    Worst one though, was shortly after LK was released, and I first got interested in raiding. I was searching for raids and got lucky one night and got into a Naxx10 alt run with the top raiding guild on my server. I was ecstatic and intimidated. We down Anub'Rekhan in one shot, then comes the part where I was completely unfamiliar with loot rules in raiding. The need/greed screen comes up and I see a pair of gloves that are a nice upgrade, so I greed them, thinking I'll just be rolling against a few others. To my horror, everybody else in the raid passed and I was immediately kicked. I promptly messaged the raid leader and apologized. A day later, I did a name change. ._.;

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    Going "I'll AOE these sucker bears down" in Darkshore at level 15 or something with my warrior, going all thunder clap on their arses. Oh, and for a long time I bought the white armour from the vendors, yeah I was that wealthy and 1337.
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkras View Post

    Also, alextrazsa has the spells Detect Pregnancy and Track Babies.

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    I spread my talents between the 3 trees without even going 5/5 in each talent. 7/8/10 build goooo!

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    As a first lvl 70...........I didn't know what kiting was.
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    back in early 2006, I never learned about the game because I assumed it was just like City of heroes and/or WC2/3... so I never learned about talents or specs. Until i was around lvl 35-40, when I started tanking SM a lot.

    Also, I used to think shield bashing and retaliation were the coolest things since sliced bread

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    My boyfriend recruited me to the game. He helped me create a rogue and I found it very good to open all fights with my throwing weapon and afterwards run away while he killed them. I also created a mage and thought that I was very intelligent to try to kill the "enemies" with my staff.

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    i use to get completely lost in deadmines... thats fun lol... couldnt find the entrance

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    Made a druid solely because of Feline Swiftness or whatever it was called back then since it let me get a 30% movement speed buff at 21. Then at 30 just ran everywhere in travel form because I didn't have enough to buy the riding training and 60% speed mounts at 40. Don't think I bought a 60% speed mount until 60, as I just didn't see myself ever getting enough gold to buy the 100% speed mounts.

    After that, tried to make a rogue 19 bg twink. Had most of the gear for her too but never could get a group to run WC since I was alliance. Still have that character, shame they nerfed Assassin's Dagger.

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    Walked from Theramore to Teldrassil through barrens. Then found out about the "other" ship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyriok View Post
    Grinded on mobs instead of questing.
    Actually did that a lot on my DK. not that i didn't know how to quest.. but i only played her when i didn't feel like thinking and she killed things so fast it wasn't funny. so i'd just kill stuff in hellfire in a sort of mental haze.

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    Level'ed much (up till 80-ish?) of my first toon, a "shadow priest", by killing mobs with Penance and generally nothing else... derp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkungx View Post
    i use to get completely lost in deadmines... thats fun lol... couldnt find the entrance
    There's an entrance? I still get lost in some of the dungeons and I've been playing for years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heldamon View Post
    Walked from Theramore to Teldrassil through barrens. Then found out about the "other" ship.
    Ive done that too. I felt so stupid when I found out about the other ships around the world.

    Another thing was that on my first character (a warrior) all I did was stack stamina because I figured the more health I had the more powerful I would be in battle (???????????????????? wha?????? yeah....I know....)

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    uh embarrasing... probably the most newbie thing of everything possible lol, i thought killing critters could get you banned, i thought sorry for the deers running around, especially the ones with little kids, if i saw some1 killing them or if i killed em myself i always expected a ban or a warning lol, dam i were stupid..

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    All sorts of stupid crap I presume when I was -10 (my English back then was veeeery poor, so I had to learn everything the hard way) and I still kept using a 1h+oh until level 40something, 'cause of the stats.. >.<
    Edit: Feeling like it's worth mentioning > I was a druid

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