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    I always kept my heartstone in teldrassil untill i was about level 50
    i knew it was a safe place to return to

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    Firstly, putting myself on an oceanic realm even though I'm American.. screwed me over hard until realm transfers came out lol

    I started out as a Tauren Hunter.. Thought 100 melee damage was great for dual wielding swords. Didn't even know quests existed until level 30-40 (I came from the game Tibia originally, which is extremely monster-grind oriented.)

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    Didn't eat food until level 60ish playing a Rogue. I'd fight one mob at a time (Sinister Strike combat with daggers!), didn't use poisons, and waited in stealth until my health recovered. I never used Slice and Dice, either.

    Also: a friend of mine has been a rather decent player for the last four years. He only learned a few months ago that you didn't -have- to match gem socket bonuses (he was inspecting my Rogue, where we had the same piece of gear. "Wait, how the hell do you have a red gem in that blue socket?")
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    Hm, things like buying a complete armorset without stats from a vendor, and being proud of it. Furthermore.. Falling off the Undercity elevator, twice in a row.

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    I equipped a very rare item worth a lot of gold I had found while questing, not knowing it would become Soulbound.

    I put a very rare item on the Auction House before checking its value. Turns out, I could have made about 3k more gold.
    Statix will suffice.

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    I leveled all classes to 20 to see what kind of play style suited me the best. Druid won :P

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    Wow was my first MMO and I started in vanilla. The first toon I played was a pally and the pure amount of noob things I did was amazing. First I was ret spec with a sword and shield. I based all items on armor value, higher the armor the better I thought it was. Did not understand the seal system. Just thinking about how bad I was makes me sad lol.

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    On my hunter, I ran a dungeon (Wailing Caverns maybe?) and I left aspect of the pack on through most of the instance.

    The people in my party were SO PISSED lol. I felt horrible after I realized it but I look back on it and laugh.
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    I once explored Silvermoon for about an hour trying to find the massive amount of players speaking on the city's trade chat, unaware that most were all in Orgrimmar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velma View Post
    Leveled a Pally back in vanilla as Holy spec... thought it was so OP because I could heal myself while getting beat on, didn't realize there was more to life than auto-attack
    The oldest character I still have is a pally, started in Vanilla. I started off putting points just wherever. Someone told me I was doing it wrong, and I had to be Holy, that was the only way anyone would group with me. So I put all my points in Holy. I did run a number of dungeons as a healer, but I hated (and still do) healing, and I hated that charcter. I ran ZF (level 40-something) with a shaman tank (??), and we failed miserably and I was told how bad a healer I was. After, I swtiched to Prot spec, I liked it more, but that was some slow leveling.

    On my hunter (made early in BC), I put all of my talent points in BM. All of them. I didn't understand maximizing from the top rows of others. I had a bear pet. I would run dungeons and constantly be at the bottom of the DPS list, and I couldn't figure out why. Finally someone told me to look up guides online, and that helped a lot.

    The worst thing I did, on my first toon (who got deleted), I was a warrior with Blacksmithing. I would make my own armor, spending all the time farming copper and crafting. Then I would go quest/grind. When my gear was completely red, I'd sell it and make more armor. I didn't know it could be fixed.

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    When I got on a wind rider at an fp for the first time and realized that flying ddnt have a loading screen, i like went insane from amazement

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    Used Mocking Blow on a World Dragon when some other guild was fighting it...

    I was alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    I can't think of a single action I did as it should during my 1-65 leveling, somehow at 65-70 I stopped becoming a retard and suddenly knew how the game worked.

    Granted, WoW was the first online game I evel played next to I blame runescape.

    I walked from Thunderbluff to Stormwind at level 7 so I could meet with my human friend irl to group up and quest together...didn't work out so well as I was shocked when the guards attacked me. I thought I had broke the game.

    You can imagen how sad I was as it took me a lot of hours, as the distance wasn't far enough I didn't even know their was a map in took me about 5 days to travel to him. (couple of hours a day of traveling)
    I just made an account to MMO-Champion to say, you sir deserve free subscription.
    Btw I don't remember any newbie things I did but the fact that it took me 50 days to go from 1-85 kinda speaks for itself.
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    2 nights stayeded up! It's not fun. but unforgettable!

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    I didn't put points in the critt cap talent as a bear feral druid...

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    I tried to level tailoring through the AH at level 20. I also thought you could only have one character, so I deleted my first toon to play on my friends' server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunrik View Post
    I leveled all classes to 20 to see what kind of play style suited me the best. Druid won :P
    That seems like a smart thing to do O.o

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    I sold things to players at the sell price.

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    Humm, I started with Blacksmithing/Mining on my Warr, but then decided Enchanting was more leet (OMG red glow-enchant! ), so I made alot of bracers with my small blacksmithing skill, enchanted all of them, to vendor them (Didn't know you could enchants stuff more than once :/), and then proceed to run out of mats, and thinking by myself: Hmm, tailoring doesn't require a gathering profession, and gets me green stuff to DE... So yeah, that's how My warrior got Tailoring as his second profession back in Vanilla
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutalion View Post
    Hm, things like buying a complete armorset without stats from a vendor, and being proud of it. Furthermore.. Falling off the Undercity elevator, twice in a row.
    haha same, buying grey items from the vendor because they had more actual "armor" than the pieces i currently had.

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