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    My first character was a paladin, paladins obvioulsy fight with a 2 handed mace, deal crazy damage and heal themself non stop.
    Of course Uther the Lightbringer was the best example...

    So I decided that my Dwarf Paladin should be like that. I used the 2 hand mace from the old shadowfang keep paladin quest, because he looked totally awesome on level 45, was heal specced and only used my new smithed Mithril armor for level 40 I farmed like crazy.

    The quests took years but seriously... I looked so fuckin awesome I did not care ! :P
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    I used to think that pressing Z, unsheathing the sword & shield on my warrior would allow me to block all incoming attacks.

    I miss the days of not having a clue

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    Playing on the allaince side then i learned horde is win a few months later.

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    First toon made it to 32 without a talent spec. Once I realized my mistake, I was so lost that I rolled a new toon.

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    I was absolutely positive that when I wore gear with Agility and Haste on it, I would run faster. So I stacked it in every slot I could find it on. a mage in BC.

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    The amount of stupid and foolish things I did was insane, and I certainly wouldn't tolerate someone doing the same sort of stuff in my groups. I'm just thankful that the community as a whole was more friendly and supportive.

    A few of the basics:

    - Taunting players thinking it would force them to attack me.
    - Needing on almost everything because I had no idea about the stat system.
    - Thinking that the bigger my character, the more expensive the armour would be.
    - Running around the whole world because I had no idea about Flight Paths.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    I was awesome, no not really. I used to keyboard turn but I quickly learned that my friend had rebound their keys to strafe. So I did the same.

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    I remember walking through the Thousand Needles, and seeing a 'gold vein'. Not being a miner, I assumed this was incredibly rare, with me assuming that the gold could be used to create gold coins. I proudly announced in general chat the coordinates for that node.
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    Back in vanilla, I started as a night elf rogue after my sister begged me for playing WoW instead of Ragnarok Online. I remember much weird stuff I did. After completing Darkshore, I moved over to Menethil harbor and wanted to explore the eastern kingdoms. Eventually I died and explored the whole continent as a ghost. Even climbed the mountains between Burning Steppes and Elwynn Forst somehow and jumped off the legendary waterfalls near Northshire. Never managed to get up these mountains again.
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    After showing Elwynn and Redridge how much of a badass warrior I was, I went and treated myself to the best goddamn upgrade my silver and copper could buy. GLADIUS. I felt like a boss for days.

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    I started as an orc shaman at the valley of trials on a trial account. The Valley Of Trials name made me think that it was only made for trial accounts. I kept wondering what the real game looked like.

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    Made a Human Paladin and was playing with some RL friends. While questing at lvl 15-20 I think, I found a pond in the game that had some dead bodies and weapons laying around, and a sword stuck in the ground. I was on Teamspeak (yes, Teamspeak) and kept asking my friends "How do I pickup these weapons on the ground?!" This question was met with a lot of lulz.

    Those same friends hacked me at level 60 once I had some T1/T2 armor, stripped me and put everything in the bank. I about cried when I thought I was truly hacked until one of them called me and laughed for a good 10 minutes straight.

    Oh. I remember Destiny dropped either in a raid or a 5 man. Thinking it was a 5 man because my normal groups were my RL friends consisting of a Warrior/Priest/Mage and usually another random person. I was a Holy Paladin wear ret gear for 5 mans. Anyway, the sword drops and everyone about shits on themselves because Destiny was a pretty good sword. The Warrior wanted it but said I could roll as well. I won, slapped Crusader on it and was determined to no longer play Holy in 5 mans/raids. I tried being sneaky once during a MC run and went Ret. The damage I was putting out was pretty lol, and I was then laughed at for thinking I was being so sneaky. After that I accepted my fate as Holy, and would only use my Ret gear in 5 mans or offtank.

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    killed mobs in barrens at lvl 30 something and wondered why i didnt level

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    Got to level 55 on my Paladin, tried to tank Stratholme, died horribly time and time again. Realized that day that Holy was for healing.

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    Talking to guards lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olianda View Post
    Right when I started, I found the ocean, and for some god-damn reason I decided to swim around each continent. Good God, never again...

    To this day, I still am constantly checking around me for sharks whenever I'm in the water. Those elites...
    Lol I remember the elite sharks in the ocean off the coast of Radget. Why did they remove them :O ?
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    My first charcter was a human warrior (how bland can you get?). I got some quest requiring me to travel to Ironforge. Not realizing that that the deeprun tram existed. I tried to make the looonnnnggg run from Stormwind, Elywyn Forest, Redridge, Burning Steps, Searing Gorge, Bad lands, Loch Modan, Dun Morogh, Ironforge. Well, me being only level 19 at the time and trying to run through level 50 zones meant many, many deaths. (Amazingly, I did manage to make it as far as the the blackrock mountain pass.) Finally some higher level saw me running around Burning Steps like a chicken with it's head cut off and asked me what I was doing, then explained to me about the deeprun tram.

    My next newb experience was around level forty, I had made it to Stranglethorn Vale at this point and was trying to complete that "epic" Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest, which, before it was nerfed, required you to collect something life 25 different pages. I kept asking people to trade or buy pages, they kept telling me to just use the auction house. I finally got up the courage to ask what and where the auction house was. Yes, I made it to level forty without ever stepping into the auction house.

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    Back on my first toon in vanilla (ud rogue) the first contested zone i hit was stonetalon mountains and i was fairly nervous about getting my ass handed to me by some high level alliance my friends had warned me about, so i decided to travel the zone in stealth, EVERYWHERE. Stealth in those days meant pretty slow movement speed so i was in that zone for quite a while lol. That shit was an adventure though.

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    My first toon, a warrior, had tailoring. If that's not stupid enough, around level 30s me and my friends started to get jealous of those "high level players who had helmets". I remember that I managed to get my tailoring to a level where I was able to craft Silken Hoods, or something like that, with 0 stats, and gave them to everyone I played with. Hunter, Rogue, Paladin and Warrior. Mage also got one, but at least he was a clother. We all got to sub-50s before realising those hoods weren't exactly the best helmets in game before level cap, as I thought.

    Our questing team looked like a bunch of hooded thugs tho.

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    only bought vendor gear without stats on my warrior

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