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    Best memory I have, as a level 16 hunter at age 10, my goal in life was to tame a dragon. So when I saw the old dragon whelps in Lakeshire I immediately thought "Gimme!". Imagine my disappointment when they were untameable.
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    Oh I love these threads.

    I started playing in 2006 after my brother had been playing a cracked server for a while, my VERY first character was a Gnome Rogue, I logged in and was almost instantly challenged to a duel, I didn't know how to even auto attack so I just ran around while this other guy beat on me. Shortly after I got to that old timed quest to bring that soup or beer or something to the guy inside the bunker, this is not so much a noob part on my hands but my computer was so bad, (512mb RAM windows 98) I dc'd and because I was playing on a trial account, I got stuck in a 2k person queue and had to wait another 2 hours before I could log in again, this continued for a while until I finally failed the quest.

    I upgraded my computer and made an Undead Warlock, which I leveled to 14, thought the Barrens was really ugly and rerolled a Night Elf Hunter, I didn't realise I could tame a pet and didn't get my first one until around 35, it eventually made it to 46 when I gave up and rerolled (again) a Troll Shaman which I mained until Wrath.

    I do miss the feeling of learning the game and slowly becoming better, but I certainly don't miss the time I wasted playing like a total noob xD

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    Geared my hunter (first char) for str+stam to make my pet stronger until I was almost level 50

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    This was back in Vanilla when you could cliff hop and things like that more often. I used to find cliffs that lead to water and jump off of them. I always wanted a dive animation. I spent hours finding huge cliffs with water at the bottom or that lead t water falls etc. The act had no other gain than my own personal enjoyment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ijanaak View Post
    Took 20 days to level from 1 to 60 in vanilla... painful. Very bad strategy... I'd also go out of my way to uncover every corner of every map... of course that made getting The Explorer very easy for me... all I had to do was uncover a couple little areas, no big deal. Heh.

    Don't worry, it took me 6 whole months or around there to get to 60 with my first char.
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    When I first got the prairie dog, I wanted to feed it food and make it grow into a real dog...

    I was not happy when my friend said...that is the size of the dog... Those pet snacks didn't do anything

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    Smelt copper ores and sell it to the vendor and getting excited for every 2silver i would get.. made me feel rich.

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    Tried sheeping 2 or 3 mobs - had to ask in chat why some of them kept breaking.

    Even back then in 2005 I had the elitists berating me and telling me to l2play

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    Rolled a druid.. tried lvling resto w/o even knowing what the hell specs were :P
    Bought stuff off ah, didnt know that you had to retrieve it from the mailbox... kept thinking I was being scammed

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    Smashed autoattack to hit faster. I took gear that had the most armor. I kept all items on action bar just to know they were on.

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    First time going to undercity, the elevator door closes, so i think i cant enter because i am too low level..
    Fist time seeing an ally player in tirisfal glades I try to run because I thought he could kill me. He runs to me and I hit him, so he killed me :P
    Oh yeah and i thought mage portals were some kind of hack

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    I started back in late TBC. Wanted to roll a warrior, because i thought they seemed babass with their shield and stuff. So i leveled all the way to 70...

    without knowing that bandages or victory rush existed... Took me about 4-5 months to do so, with a couple of "I HATE THIS F#!"KING GAME" breaks.

    I HATED leveling my warrior and i felt like such a tool when i got the "Oooooh, this might prevent me from dying so many times"-realisation moment.

    Come to think of it, I do miss the time where WoW was all new and unexplored area. Where i had no idea what the hell i was doing and every little triumf i made, such as doing my very first heroic instance in Gundrak, Winning my very first duel, clearing Naxx 10 for the first time, joining a raiding guild for the first time.

    Those moments of accomplishment i find to be extremely rare at this point of the game.


    Being a noob was in many ways what makes WoW feeling like an real adventure, not some 20->24 4 times a week raiding job trying to kill demons and dragons.
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    WoW wasn't my first MMO that I had played (played FFXI for years prior), so I adjusted very quickly to it. I do remember early in FFXI that I though mobs couldnt hit you if you strafted around them as they attacked. However, taking what I had from FFXI, I thought you needed a whole party to level in WoW. I was shocked and overjoyed when I was told I could solo to max level.

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    Trying to attend the AQ Opening events as a lvl 46 Hunter.....
    Epic mount speed pets,
    spending SO MUCH time in 19/29 ques as a semi-twink.

    I got past most of my noobishness in EverQuest.

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    I made a priest on day 1 because I wanted to mind control giants and use them to destroy enemy armies

    I was disappointed

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    Back in Vanilla when I played at my friend's house (I have never played any MMO before except one day in Lineage II), we tried to figure out how to continue playing after we died. Of course, we couldn't see anything while in ghost mode, so we were just running around the elwynn forest and since it was me who got killed while playing my friend's character, he was really mad at me :-D thank god at the end I went back to the place I died and pressed the magical button.

    And there was also the time when I started my own character, orc shaman and when I was on my way to the Razor Hill I met those npc's on wolfs. Unfortunately back then, I didn't know they are not players but npc's and I kept following them for a good hour trying to ask them where they got that wolf.

    Good times

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    Started off in Vanilla. Friend who introduced me to WoW played an ele shaman, so I decided to play a class similar(lol) to it. A balance druid in Vanilla.
    Easily the worst spec ever, except maybe survival huntards, but they could actually do more dps than me while AFK on autoshot, balance druid in vanilla was like starfire => moonfire and then oom. I think when lawlkins were implemented I was the only druid in orgrimmar who was dumb enough to spec for it.

    I tried making a night elf rogue and naming him Illidan >_>

    I thought picking up mining and farming gold veins would actually mean selling gold bars would give me direct 1:1 gold coin. As scrubby as I was I vendored everything I picked up and didn't discover the AH until I was level 40 on my druid.

    Also I never knew how to gear my druid. I looked in the WoW manual and it told me to get every god damn stat, mostly had spirit gear which was utter shit.

    And when I was level 40 on my druid I was like 15g short of my mount and begging people in Orgrimmar for gold- nobody gave me any, so I had to farm it up.

    I got that druid to level 52 before I rerolled onto my friends server as Alliance. I made a pally because I thought divine shield was OP. When I got to 60 on him I spec'd for holyshock and then I put just enough talents in ret to get seal of command so I could do damage. Yes, I was a holy pally hybrid trying to DPS. Needless to say I didn't get anywhere.

    Swam up the river between Ashenvale and Orgrimmar to see if there was anything. Wasted 10 minutes to find a dead end.

    Leveled a human warrior as arms but used a sword and shield. Got my ass raped by a lvl 13 boar in westfall and ragequit. A couple months of playing my gnome rogue I got my ass kicked by a warrior 6 lvls lower than me, and I couldn't find groups because everyone needed tanks so I ragequit my rogue and picked up my warrior again. After that I just powered through it and never rerolled.

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    Stood in the fire.

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    i used to wonder why i would ever use this dumb ability named 'taunt'. makes everything attack me? why would i want that? wear a shield? why would i do that? then i realized what i had signed up for by rolling a warrior in 2005...

    edit: that same SM Cath run i was explained what a tank was
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    I never did anything super, super nooby on account WoW was my er... 4th MMO?

    However, while trying to learn the CTRL commands for my hunter pet, I might have pulled the entire instance of RFC by mistargetting and sending my doggy out into the distance to die somewhere.

    Best part was, someone swore they saw a fireball fly in the wrong direction, so the mage took the blame.
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