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    I had a feral druid and used to stealth everywhere. I hated being in Orgrimmar outside the AH because I thought only level 70's were allowed there. I just stayed in stealth all the time and stealthed to and from most places haha.

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    first of all, I misspelled my chars name. (yeah I was still young and dumb)
    and as a newb I naturally had to distribute my talent points in all 3 talent trees, that is after I found out about talents about 30 levels too late
    Also funny was when I thought "np" meant noob. Dunno why I ever though that but as I said is was young. I never understood why all the helpful people called me a noob after they had helped me out . Luckily I found out after a while that np didn't mean noob at all, when my friend said np after helping me with something and I got mad at him for calling me a noob. He then kindly explained to me that it meant "no problem". God did I feel like a legitimate noob afterwards.

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    Wow I joined as a complete noob. But I sort of miss that. I miss the learning and exploring that came from being so new to the game.

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    It wasn't my first MMO so I didn't have that many, but I did have a few.

    I stacked Agility on my Fury Warrior, which surprisingly didn't work all that bad because it meant I crit alot lol. I'm not sure where I got it from, I'm guessing it was because gear wasn't as clean then as it is today ( most Plate gear had Strength and Agility on it anyways it seemed.).

    The only other one was drinking and eating seperately for a long time. Other games I had played you could only do one or the other so I just assumed...

    I must say though I've seen some good ones over the years. The Warlocks stacking defense were my personal favs though.

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    1. I stacked Agility on my Warrior because I thought it made you more efficient at running/jumping

    2. On my Troll Hunter I got up to level 55 (wearing all Cloth/Leather armor because I didn't think stats were important, and it looked cool...also I would not use spells, only mash the T key because I thought that's how you shot arrows) Also I thought The Barrens and Durotar made up te whole continent of Kalimdor. THey were shaped similarly and I could not read maps ok?!

    3. Made a Troll DK and wore Intel gear because it looked cool and matched my other plate. It was only until level 72 or so during a run through Utgarde Keep that this douchebag pally told me how I was stupid for "stealing" his blue intel chestpiece and yadda yadda so then I started paying attention to stats. Sadly there was no transmog back then so I ended up selling all the matching sets I had made.
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    When i first started i made a night elf hunter. after while of playing i zoomed all the way till i was in first person and couldn't figure out where my character had gone. after like 5 hours of playing like that i mouse wheeled down and saw myself again. i also clicked till Wrath D:

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    On my warlock, I was stacking strength until close to level 20 and using my staff as a melee weapon during combat, until some kind fellow stumbled on me and told me what to do. I would also just grind mobs instead of actually doing quests. The genre was completely new to me, so I had no idea what I was doing. I picked a melee class next though and found it more intuitive, then went back and leveled my warlock as my first 70 once I had the basics of abilities and questing down.

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    I saw a Mithril node in Searing Gorge and my friend told me it was worth 1 platinum. I actually believed him.

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    Ran into Goldshire from Northshire Abbey and asked, "Where is Stormwind?"

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    I don't even know anymore.
    I tried to get to Ironforge on foot from Stormwind because I didn't know about the tram.
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    Leveled as holy paladin. Didn't know it was mainly for healing lol.

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    I used to sit around in Org on my lowbie troll rogue (like 18 or something) and ask for runs through VC at like 2am server time. That's back when the horde had to go to Grom'gol and then swim up the coast though, so it was kinda a chore. 9 times out of 10 the first 60 i whispered would say yea and take me, they would even let me keep all the cloth and items (even the boe vc set pieces).

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    I started about 6 months into vanilla and used to melee mobs in nelf form as a druid...had points spread across all 3 trees because they 'seemed cool' I remember getting a 2H mace and getting +3 beast slayer enchant on it and thought it was the best thing ever (omg red glow!)...and of course stood there smacking mobs over the head with it rather than going into cat/bear form...those were the days!

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    My first wow experience was when my cousin had to go shower so he asked me to farm herbs for him. He told me that if he gets attacked, click 1 then 2 then 3 then 1 again.

    After that, I forced my bro to install WoW for me (I started off on a private serv cuz I really couldn't afford, very remote country xd)
    I rolled a priest. I did not know how to spec or anything (also English is not my first language), so every 10 levels or so he would come up to my room and sort my talents. He also gave me that 1, 2, 3, 1 tip so for a while I thought everyone had the same spells and thats how everyone played (Never read the tooltips xd).

    Did the regular noob things, highest dmg weapon, highest armor, wearing gear that just looks cute (druid staff with a paw for 30 levels >_>), not knowing how to hide helm so removing my helm for screenshots, wearing one of those JC rings that has +1 spirit till I was like 70 because my boyfriend made it for me...

    Then I started to learn a bit, learned about int and whatever, and started getting proper gear (ALL my chars had the soulcloth vest because omg epic and easy to make).

    One thing my friends teased me about was when I was gemming with those white gems that you buy from the JC vendor in Hellfire >_> Had like +3 spirit or whatever.

    Then they started inviting me into raids. I lied that I was a healer and went as shadow but out of shadowform, and I would sneakily dps on the bosses then go out of SF again.

    I meleed most of the bosses in ZA as a resto shaman.

    Swam every time I wanted to go to Darkshore, from Darnassus (never occurred to me that boats existed).

    For years I believed that the entrance to Gnomeregan was the tram portal (No idea why.)

    Dragged and dropped nearly everything, never occurred to right-click. Would always forget to upgrade the next spell rank, ended up healing Naxx at the start of WotLK with rank 2 Renew (still getting teased about it D: )

    Yeah mine are boring I enjoy this thread though! Fun
    My transmog & misc. blog!

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    I've posted this before, I'm sure in another thread on the official forums. I remember once I had rerolled as a Rogue from a Druid and was running Deadmines and I died on VC. 30 seconds went by and I was furiously typing "Rez plz!" "Rez me!" "REZ!" then a guy goes, "Can't, we're in combat." It was then that I realized not everyone had Rebirth like the Druid. Felt pretty noobish.
    That's when I started reading more about things and trying other classes, heh.

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    tank gear DPS, creating a class and having no clue what armor I should be wearing, trying to raid ironforge at lvl 40.

    The list goes on and on............

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    At level 20 I decided I wanted to go to Silithus. After a 3 hour run from Theramore, through Dustwallow, Barrens, Thousand Needles, Tanaris and Ungoro, I finally made it. I died. A Lot. I had a good 10 minute res timer halfway through Tanaris until a friendly rogue helped me. I wish I remembered his name.

    Edit: Oh, I found a sceenshot of him in a group with me. I wonder if he plays still.

    And I also thought the only way to get to Ironforge from Stormwind was to run through redridge, to burning steppes, searing gorge, and loch modan. My friend came on to stop me and told me about the tram. Saved myself more death run fun.
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    Back in early vanilla, when pet training was all kinds of weird and not explained in game, I didn't know you could toggle Growl on and off, so I'd keep one pet for solo'ing that was trained in growl & another one for dungeons that didn't take growl.

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    I would level chars one level at a time, dinged my rogue 20 for example, then log priest and get it to 20, then hunter, then warlock, then mage.

    I dinged 1 lvl, then relogged alt and got it 1 lvl higher. This was back in vanilla and I played from day 1. Took me all the way to TBC until they were all 60

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    Well, let's see... I started out with a Night Elf Druid, because boobs. That's pretty newby...

    And then I had no idea that gems could go in any color socket bonuses. That was pretty sad. It took my like two months to go from 60 to 70, because I was trying to kill stuff as a Half holy, half prot paladin.

    Oh! I also used to swim, a lot. I tried to swim around both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. And of course, I tried to swim from Teldrassil to Auberdine, that was messy.

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    Oh, and the first time I saw a Rich Thorium vein, I was totally confused. I whispered a friend who was about my level (I was 20, she was 22) and she was amazed. She had no idea what it was. While I was talking with her, suddenly a giant came out of the water and oneshot me. And then I learned to hate Azshara.
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