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    Leveled a Pally back in vanilla as Holy spec... thought it was so OP because I could heal myself while getting beat on, didn't realize there was more to life than auto-attack

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    I went to the bank in SW for the first time and got in the line like I would in a real bank in real life.

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    I thought the term "tank" in MMOS meant you were in heavy armor and you hit things really hard, I had no idea it meant you hold aggro.
    I was level 60 for 2 months in WOW back in Feb of 2005 before I learned what the hell people were asking me to do.
    Then I got a shield.

    Being a viable tank while spec'd for arms was awesome, all you needed was a suit of def gear, no spec necessary unless you were in raids.

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    I started leveling a priest the first time around and I was also a tailor and when I needed Wool cloth I went around killing sheep while skinning them wondering why I kept getting leather : /....!

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    Ah, I remember this quite clearly. Had been playing for a month or so - never leveled up much past 20ish. I was leveling my professions as a tailor/enchanter. I read that an Azure silk cloak was the PERFECT item to disenchant. So I trekked as a human priest - in his 20s - through Desolace and Feralas to get the NE post in between Feralas and Thousand Needles. And this is years before you could have a mount at 20. I had heard of the Barrens list vaugely, but didn't know it was actually that convenient to use, and since I was deathly afraid of PvP flagging for some reason, I took the long way around through level 30 and 40 territory that I had never been in before.

    Oddly enough, I had fewer deaths than should be expected from that kind of run through Feralas. Got my pattern though!

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    Wand spec mage and a melee disc priest. That is all.

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    prot spec warrior with 2 hander!

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    I was hilariously afraid of the dungeon browser when I came back to WoW, because I thought after the long break I would be too rusty for dungeons and would annoy people with my lack of skill. I read all the guides and practiced my class until I felt ready to venture into the dungeons only to realize I was hopelessly overqualified.

    And the same thing happened when I first went into heroic dungeons.

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    Where to start... I could write a small book of nooby things I did.

    My first 'main' was a human warrior that leveled as Prot because I thought I could just do quests by myself forever and not have to *gasp* talk to other people.

    I remember finding the tram in SW for the first time and being convinced it would take to me to terrible places of death, ... so I walked the whole tram route on foot.

    I also wore leather for way too long with Agi/Int/whatever else that makes no sense at all now.

    My first dungeon experience was Deadmines and was asked to 'tank.' Of course I said okay - not knowing what that meant - and proceeded to Need EVERYTHING because, why not get more cloth armor?

    And, somewhere around level 70 or so, I learned that being a 'Keyboard Turner' was a not a compliment on how quick I was on my keyboard's arrow keys.

    Of course there's more ... oh, I do miss WoW every now and then.
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    I am Murloc!
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    Back during classic:

    I leveled my priest from 1-60 entirely as Holy. That is right . . . Holy. FML
    I rand Stockades as soon as possible until about level 43. I picked up every gray and white item that people left and vendored it all to afford my first mount.
    I went in to an inn to log out. Okay, that isn't that odd, but I thought that /sleeping in a bed was what game be rested.

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    Grinded on mobs instead of questing.

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    I was a night elf, and I wanted a pet, but I liked melee, so after reading the intro things I somehow got it in my head that anyone could get a pet, so i chose a nightelf rogue. After leveling to about 5, i joined some random, and asked when/how i get a pet. He was shockingly nice, and explained a few things, but clearly not a lot of it stuck, cause i was still a noob for the entire 6 months it took me to get my paladin to 70 (I started just after BC came out)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Murdos View Post
    Rolled a Retribution Paladin in TBC content. Got it to 70.
    I did that. And I raided with him.
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    Leveled up my rogue in resto druid gear till someone told me after getting into groups for the first time, I didn't mean to ninja those pieces honestly! ><

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    When I first started WoW, I really didn't do the quests.. I didn't know they helped you level. For the most part, I just ran out and killed mobs to level. I barely knew how to use my skills so I would usually auto attack as a warlock... I also spent a couple days (20 hours?) trying to find a mining spot... because I really wanted to mine for some strange reason (Didn't know how to track them or what they looked like). Once I figured out quests, I would only pick up one at a time, do it, run back, and pick up another. I didn't know that theres usually multiple quests for the same mobs/area... I believe it took me 8~days time to level 40 and 12-14 to get to 80. I started in the middle of TBC and after about 12 months I reached 80... and during the wrath content, I would spend hours going through the /who list trying to find people do dungeon with. WoW was my first MMO (unless you could runescape) so I was such a bad :P
    Kind of nostalgic of it, miss learning how to play :P
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    I started playing just as BC came out, started with a BE hunter. I spent start thru til L40 rolling on int leather because that would up my mana pool to fire from.

    Played a Boomy druid, running around in cloth gear. When wrath came out i was death gripping everything in raids/dungeons/whatever because i just thought it looked cool. Then i joined a raiding guild and they whipped me into shape somethin Fierce. I learned quickly

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    I remember my first character, Evilknieval the undead rogue. I would do things like browse the AH constantly for daggers with +1 attack power on it or try to buy "of the bear" leather gear. I would always ask people for money, and some guy eventually payed me 40s to use the cannibalize on things. I would also stand next to the bank NPCs because I thought I could trick people into giving me their stuff instead of putting it in the bank. I once accidently activated the bonus action bars and thought Blizzard was going to ban me because I used a hack. Prior to that I would use the main action bar pages to fit more spells. Pretty much everything that's been mentioned here I've done too, like thinking armor is better than stats, getting lost/stuck in holes, etc.

    I think I got to like 15 before TBC came out and I made a blood elf, but I still have Evilknieval to this day. Recently used the SoR on him.

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    I was in thunder bluff on my first toon (prot pally around level 20ish), when i saw a copper node down below. Not wanting to wait for an elevator i bubbled my self and jumped off thunder bluff. Except i was targeting my friend a mage. So he got my bubble and i got a death. He was kind enough to float down to me like the stuck up mage he is and tbag my dead body.

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    I was questing in Redridge and I went a little to far and ended up getting camped by the Imps in Burning Steppes D:

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    When I first started my priest, I didn't know Holy Fire and Inner fire were different skills... And I leveled as Holy solo up till lvl 69... By JUST using smite.
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