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    I started playing WoW in late Classic. My druid was somewhere around lvl 40, and I was standing around outside Scarlet Monastery looking for a group one night, when a lvl 60 warrior and a 30-something priest offered to run me through several times for xp. I was pretty much clueless about how to play a druid at the time, being feral spec with int gear on. A hunter near my level joined us, and we started clearing. At some point, the priest started pointing out all the things I was doing wrong, but was fairly nice about it.

    The last boss of Armory dropped some Troll-Hide Leggings, a popular twink item, and a massive upgrade for me, now that I had been informed that I should be gearing agility as feral. The priest said to pass for the warrior so he could sell them, but as he rolled need I hit greed out of spite, even though I knew need rolls won over greed. They still got mad at me for even trying, probably thinking I didn't know the difference between need and greed. The priest stopped being nice about his critique, but we continued through Cathedral as planned. In the courtyard, the hunter accidentally pulled an extra pack, killing himself and the priest. I somehow managed to avoid combat with that group, but around the same time the warrior misjudged his tankiness and died to the 50 or so scarlet mobs following him. They turned towards me, so I quickly tossed out a brez before getting my face shredded.

    There was silence in party chat for a few seconds as we watched the mobs reset from our view on the floor, and then...

    Priest: "You battle rezzed the hunter??"
    Me: "Heh, yeah pretty neat trick, huh? ....oh. Ohhhhhh. Oops."

    Needless to say, that was it for SM for me that night. Looking back on that later, I realized the warrior was partly in tier 3 and other scattered Naxx 40 gear. How embarassing!
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    Seems like I've told this story a thousand times, but I still find it hilarious...

    So I'm leveling my first toon, a warlock, when I get the succy quest line. I make the death run through Stranglethorn Vale and take the boat. I was supposed to pick some object up, or kill something, or something... I can't really remember. I run around the barrens for about three hours totally lost. Finally I happen upon Crossroads and much to my relief I see guards.

    My friend who had been playing for awhile told me that if I ever got lost in the game, ask a guard for directions. So I merrily run up to the tauren and right click him. Of course, being human I melee'd him instead of opening up the chat pane. I died.
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    My first mistake on my newly minted rogue was an Epic journey from Ironforge to Stormwind,
    via Badlands, Searing Gorge & Burning Steppes.
    The deaths were too numerous to count and it took well over an hour to make the trip.
    Suffice to say I was told about the Tram after walking in the front gate of Stormwind /palm.

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    I stood at the entrance to ZA as a level 15 Belf Mage and asked in guild chat, "what's this strange swirling mist?" My guild leader, having a bit more experience than I, pointed out that it was the entrance to Zul'Aman. "Oh, well why won't it let me in?"

    This was back in BC, when ZA was still a raid.

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    Began in BC. For some reason I refused to do quests and grinded my way to level 20 by killing random mobs, all while wearing crappy vendor gear. I was so chuffed when I earned my first gold.

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    I didn't know about the Deeprun Tram and tried to walk from Elwynn Forest to Wetlands as about L10. This was back in vanilla when there were few flight routes and you had to know both ends.

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    I tried to talk to the opposite faction. That was fun.

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    Made a Dranei and got lost in Exodar for like an hour, then decided to make an undead and got lost in Undercity for like 3 hours. Those cities are complicated :O

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    In vanilla, I got my rogue to level 33 before I discovered this thing called 'talents'.

    That was shortly after I realized 'hey! I can hold a weapon in each hand!'

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    I remembered something else while reading through the posts. I was getting repeatedly killed by a group of mobs in the Night Elf starting zone. I told my guild that I was getting "camped", and needed help. I had learned the term from Wowwiki and thought I sounded professional using the term. Some level 70s (this was during TBC) asked me what their classes were and how many they where. I then told them I was getting camped by NPCs, not players. They probably facepalmed.
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    Didn't know I had talents until I was like level 17... oops.

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    My first character (a rogue) didn't realize I should have been using 2 weapons until level 30...many many other silly things but that's the big one.

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    Tanked as a Shaman. (Vanilla)

    This actually happened a lot due to a lack of warriors willing to tank when I first started playing. It was fun though both boring and tense at the same time (Lack of buttons to push due to mana inefficiency and sudden damage spikes.)

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    Traveling to stranglethorn by accident, got killed by apes SOOO much... I finally got out after a while.
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    i sold cloth and ore to vendors

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    Tried to duel a guard in undead starting area since I saw he had PvP tag after mousing over him, gave up when I couldn't figure it out after half an hour.

    Also thought armor value was more important than anything so spent all my money to buy white vendor armor at around lvl 10 I think... horrible times...

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    Sold all leather, cloth to vendors.

    Grinded mobs due to being used to Asian MMOs, I was shocked to see such a large xp amount from a quest.

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    Ran from zone to zone thinking it was the only mode of transportation up until about Level 15. I was like, "Hot damn this virtual world is enormous. My character's feet sure would be sore doing all this running. No wonder people devote so much time to this game... half of it's spent running from place to place!"

    When I discovered gryphons and trams... face could not have been redder.

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    So much for the tolerant left.
    I didn't realise you could shift click to buy a specific number of an item until early Wrath.
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    my friend believe he had to jump to catch the purple xp numbers in the air hes currently 85 -.-
    i live by one motto! "lolwut?"

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