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    I didn't know about dungeon finder till level 38 . Also My first toon was a druid and I started playing WoW in Cata.......I finally reached 60 and thought I could do my first real raid........So I sat in trade spamming LFM AQ40 for about a hour not knowing nobody did level 60 raids in Cata >.<

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    my first time in a Deadmines group (my first dungeon at all actually, somewhere around early '06) but anyway; i got lost, yeah i know its pretty straight forward but..., well i was only there for the first few pulls, and didnt find them untill just before they blew the doors to go into the harbor.
    the group was pretty nice though and could tell i didnt know what the hell i was doing, but it was still pretty damn funny that i got lost in a dungeon.

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    I always thought 'need' sounded nicer than 'greed'. And I always wanted to be a nice person so I rolled need until a nice guildie pointed out the error of my ways.
    Operation Red Wing

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    Back in burning crusade I rolled a blood elf hunter first

    -For the first 15 or 20 levels I would have been melee, those old melee abilities confused me I think
    -At one stage I sold all my blues and greens from questing for white gear because I didnt understand how stats worked and thought armour was better
    -Thought I could raid in PvP gear, I think it took a few kicks before I realised lol
    -I'm pretty sure I wouldnt have been using agility because I didnt really know about that stat being a primary stat well into 50's+ lol

    I cant even remember what I did at max level, I would have been 70 for a good year, I didnt do a single heroic 5 man yet I managed to get into a few Kara and gruul runs. I even almost got into a sunwell run once. I also had 4 PvP pieces, the rest were blues and greens >.<

    Wasn't until Wrath where I actually learnt about the game a bit more when I rolled a death knight for the first few weeks, followed by a resto druid once I realised I didnt like death knights and its been my main ever since.

    I was 13 or so back then, I'm 19 now and I'm more than confident that would never happen again in any video game =P

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    in Deadmines with my night elf rogue I needed on every item that dropped cuz I could sell them for money and ppl getting mad at me and I didn't realize anything. Using only 1 dagger until like lvl 20 (my friend told me to put a skinning knife to the other hand so I used that for like 10 next levels) And my friend gave me 50g start money (it was alot of money back then) and I bought white weapons from vendors in Darnassus..

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    Prot Paladin, wasn't aware that i had to use a Sword and Shield so was 2h wepping it up in dungeons/questing all the way till 46 or so till i got a good telling off. :/

    This was late 2010 when i started playing, like 2 months before Cata dropped. Actually dinged 80 the night it came out. Good times.

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    I played with my two brothers and myself and one of them had talent points and my other brother didn't. So we sat there thinking what the hell, must only be night elves that get them (We were night elves he was a human). That was probably the most stupid thing we did. We tried doing Deadmines with two rogues and a hunter. Many wipes and hours later we cleared it or got damn close.

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    My second Mistake
    While i knew about the talents, i had no idea respecs were possible.
    As I had been playing Diablo II, so I assumed a new character would be needed if i screwed the talents up.
    made it to 43 with my rather wicked 0 / 0 / 0 spec, dual fast green daggers, and ofc using sinister strike ..

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    One of my first characters was a mage. I played frost. Eventually when I hit 70, I got into a raiding guild, somehow. I raided as frost, didn't even know what DPS was.

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    Way back in Vanilla, I had no idea how to split stacks of items.

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    I thought that Prayer of Healing was for your group only and resorted to flash and greater heal to heal people in other groups in a pug raid. Naturally, I ran out of mana very fast.

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    I started in September 2005, so around a year after the game officially released, and I made a bunch of noob mistakes (unfortunately, I can only remember a few atm):

    • My first character was a night elf druid (because I loved night elves from Warcraft III) with mining and blacksmithing, which was totally pointless for a druid back then.
    • I had no idea how to talk in general chat, I'd see people talk there but I had no idea how to respond. I finally asked a friend around level 30.
    • I bought every new set of common-quality leather armor because I thought it looked cool. It didn't matter that it had no stats, or that I was constantly broke (it was tough to make money in Classic, especially as a lowbie who spent it all on vendor armor), because my character looked awesome!
    • I abandoned my druid in favor of a hunter with skinning and leatherworking so I could make the dragonscale armor. I wanted that stuff so bad that I spent ~7 days /played farming turtles for their leather on the Tanaris shoreline. My guild was furious because they were waiting for me to ding 60 so we could start raiding (they needed a hunter for something, I can't even remember what now).
    • I had no idea that your pet took time to eat food you fed it, so I would spam feed my pet. I often went through entire stacks of food trying to make it happy. I did this for a long, long time, well into raiding when my Hunter class lead asked why I went through so much food.
    • I was jaded with "Kill X number of X" or "Collect X number of X" type quests that I leveled from 58-60 doing nothing but "Go talk to X" "Go back and talk to Y" type quests. I took something like 3 days /played.

    I know I have more, but I can't remember them.
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    I thought I had to keep manually pressing the "Autoattack" button to, well, auto attack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Novakhoro View Post
    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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    Didnt really do that much nooby stuff. Watched my friends play wow for a couple of months before I started myself, so I knew pretty much about the game already.

    I do remember running around in those lvl 44 epic gloves on my hunter, that used to give "increased skill with axes/sword" or something JUST because they were epic. ^^ (a friend gave me them, and it was mail, so why not?!)

    Dont really know if this counts as a noob-move, but I couldnt find any more quests when I dinged 57, in vanilla. So I ran all the way to Tyr's Hand and started farming elites. If I remember correctly, I did nothing else but farm there for 3 days so I could ding 60. Good times, good times.

    EDIT: Edgemasters Gauntlets, right?
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    blue moon, you saw me standing alone.. come on city!!
    i made a holy/disc priest & smited my way to 60 in vanilla, i really didnt know any different back then lol

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    i wouldn't equip green gear because it was "soulbound". I thought it meant it would slow my character somehow (i'm not english motherlanguage). My Gear was all white stuff bought from vendors if i didnt get any random drop from mobs while questing

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    I had an all in one macro, unaware of things like gcd and cd's

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    I ganked low level players.
    Now I can actually beat guys of my own level and I don't do it anymore.

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    First character was a hunter (and it's still my character!). I thought I was encountering a bug when I couldn't fire my weapon anymore, as I had not realized I needed ammo. I found the ammo slot after like... 30 minutes of tooling around, and then didn't know what to do with it. I thought if I bought a new gun from the vendor it would come with ammo.

    So I used all of the copper and silver I'd made in the starting zone to buy a new gun and then it had no ammo and I was sad. :'(

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    I had a close friend on my pick up Warcraft after watching me play it back in 2005.

    He purchased the game, and rolled a Human Warrior. He made it to level 52 after a couple weeks, and then he started dieing alot. He asked me what he was doing wrong, but I had no idea. The next day I was over at his house and I found out that he made it to level 52 without ever going to see a trainer to get new spells, or use his talents..

    I still laugh about it to this day lol

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