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    I started 2006. I thought I can regenerate hp and mana from food while I'm runing. Realised I can't 2 days later.

    Also my first toon was Surv Hunter, and from the talents that spec had back then, hunter was looking like half melee class. So when I ran out of ammo in dungeons I was going melee. Ofc people were mad and I was like "don't worrie, I'm Survival Hunter!" The funny thing was I was actualy doing good dmg and beating some warriors in avrg gear in duels (only in melee, spaming all CD's)
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    First character was a hunter back in classic. Had the Nightblade drop while questing and equipped it right away because it was the first epic I had ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulywally View Post
    I honestly have no idea.

    I do know, that back in the day 2005/2006, i was a melee warlock with my Felhunter. (firestones <3)

    Ahhh the good ol' days where i was just trotting around Desolace enslaving the demons.

    *trot trot trot* lol
    this!! ahhh firestones were the shizz lol

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    Sigh, this thread is amazing....

    I remember leveling an Orc Warrior to level 7 spending every copper I made on vendor items that were "upgrades". And by upgrades I mean if they had more armor on them no matter if they cloth or leather of whatever. At level 7 I realized I could repair my gear but I had spent all of my copper buying new gear so I was broke. Promptly deleted that toon.

    Next I made an Undead Warlock and got it to lvl 19. I remember getting my imp at like level 4 and was SOOOOOO EXCITED. At level 19 my imp died while questing and I didn't know you could rez is I just thought it was gone. Was so sad that I deleted that character as well.

    Then I made a Night Elf rogue and at level 16 I did Warsong Gulch for the first time (you had to queue at the place in Ashenvale just to do the BG) and I remember seeing a hunter and thinking that I had to kill the pet before I killed the hunter. I was so amazed that I asked the next hunter that I saw if they could have any pet they wanted and he was like "Uhhhh, yeah what are you new to this game." So I got really excited I started my hunter which is my main to this day 6 years later.

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    I rolled a paladin to tank. Then I rolled on an int ring because it was blue. Felt pretty darn low after the group explained it to me. So I switched him to ret. Got a regular chewing out every time I rolled on a weapon... or strength mail/plate...

    In retrospect, I just couldn't win with that paladin.

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    on my first toon, a warlock, i was using an agility dagger becasue it had higher i would also start off in dungeons by using rain of fire til i was oom then run up and stab the mobs with my awesome dagger! fun memories =)

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    hmm in my first chest I found some black dye, and kept it for ages wondering how I could use it to dye my armour.

    I kept my armour for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages cos it looked better than any other gear that dropped (this even included a Spirit helm on a Rogue).

    I also originally thought that Ali names were all in green and Horde were in red, but I'd only played Ali at the time.. so only saw Horde with red names :/

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    I never knew what the talent tree was for until i started tanking SM back in vanilla. After that, I carelessly put every single point in the prot tree and thought shield slam and revenge were the coolest moves ever.

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    Took me 6 months to level from 1 to 60 as a warrior in vanilla. Was epic.

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    I levelled up my Rogue with a bow, quiver and arrows to pull adds. Id kite them till i had to kill them up close with daggers. I thought i was some kind of Ranger class :/

    I really had no idea about how using stealth until about lev40! lol

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    Started playing as paladin when game launched. I hated it and rolled horde warlock. I loved it. I didnt care that i didnt know how to lock my action bar so it was quite frequent that i threw my spells off of my spell bar and died when i ran out of spells to use. I clicked my spells and i liked it, mainly because i didnt know about hotkeys.

    At lvl12 i didnt know that i was attacking lvl60 dwarf hunter until i saw it from combatlog, i was amazed about how fast i died. I didnt know that i wasnt supposed to enter WPL at lvl15, i was horrified about that giant spider who chased me and killed me. I was amazed by that shiny armor wearing lvl60 warrior who saved my ass and gave me four 14slot bags and 10 gold and bunch of valuable tips.

    My first experience of wow was pure awe and exitement.
    ಠ_ರೃ Curses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiXThEPiEcEs View Post
    Took me 6 months to level from 1 to 60 as a warrior in vanilla. Was epic.
    Haha, it took me about as long on my hunter in Vanilla. Probably because I spent so long doing stupid stuff like farming grey-level turtles for a week /played for their leather.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endemonadia View Post
    I levelled up my Rogue with a bow, quiver and arrows to pull adds. Id kite them till i had to kill them up close with daggers. I thought i was some kind of Ranger class :/
    omg I did the same. I always used my crossbow to pull as well, I guess I was just lazy and didnt want to keep running over to mobs.

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