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    Well, it was a pain to see people ignoring others that could have easily been resurrected or helped in another way. But that was during beta (where most people were busy getting to know the game) and only rarely.

    Occasionally it might hurt my experience, but not too much. I voted yes, though, because not helping just sucks and the game simply invites the player to play as a team. It's so easy to team up (just go to somebody and do what he does, that's it) which is why I consider it to be incomprehensible to not do it (or rather: to avoid it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haggerty View Post
    Well, I'm not necessarily saying that everyone has to be your new best friend...just to recognise that screaming and swearing at the rest of the team is counter-productive.
    Well, natch.

    I was more speaking to the social meta-game you were inferring. Don;t think that nearly as much a novelty as it was even 5 years ago. For reasons already stated, Though if we want to talk about MMOs themselves I think we can look to me autonomous means of play, side progression and the greater move toward insular social circles as good indications away from the, "Fight together or die alone" design of the past. Which older MMOs certain were designed to enforce.

    If one managed to piss off half the server, they were fucked if they needed a rez in Doomfire or whatever.

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    What pisses me off, especially in PvP, is the shameless glorification of the self. Whenever i see 4(!) people doing a stomp on someone i facepalm irl. When people let themselves get lured away from capture points (or objectives in WvW) by the possibility of a kill, i rage a little inside. And whenever people bluntly zerg into enemy spawn zones in WvW because of the "my kill, my kill, my kill!" mentality i choke up... a little because of the funny, but mostly from sheer amazement at the idiocy.

    I mean PvP is all about getting kills, obviously. And heavens forbid someone gets a kill. I've seen people bitch about killstealing! Even tough they still get attributed for it in points, because thats how it works. Some people just do not get this, and they never will.

    Another thing that simply has me laugh and rage at the same time is people who cannot, under any circumstance, just accept they fucked up and died as a result. And will immediatly jump to the defense of their fragile ego's and start assigning blame to EVERYBODY ELSE. Maybe not just a noob-trait, but anoying nonetheless.

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    It use to bug me when raiding, or in LFD when you had a guy/gal not trying to do anything just afk through boss fights, but now i'm meh. I learned to chill after 5 years of MMO's, people are people. Some are will to put time and effort in their toon, some don't try at all expecting others to pick up their slack. Its hard to change a person perspective on things especially online.

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