<El Vaticano> Illidan – US (Horde)

About us:

With Mists of Pandaria approaching, El Vaticano will be looking to
expand its roster. El Vaticano was founded several years ago with
players that were dedicated to raiding and understood the
determination and skill needed to progress through content at a
desirable rate. We are a guild that consists of real life friends, and
friends that we have made over the years of playing. We all share the
mind set, which is to raid MoP content at a hardcore level, while also
maintaining our lives out side of the game.

We have been raiding since Vanilla and enjoy every aspect of the game.
We see Mists of Pandaria as an experience and opportunity to bring
our skill to the next level and compete with the top guilds not only
on our server, but world wide. We are determined to go through
content as quickly as possible and achieving the pride it takes to
down bosses in new content. As we are only a few players alone, we
are searching for dedicated individuals who know their class and have
the same goals as us.


We will be raiding Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, as a 10 man
group. However, during progression we might add an additional night if
needed, and only if everyone agrees to the extra night. We will be
raiding from 8:30pm – 12:30am eastern.

We expect everyone to be on at least a half an hour before raid for
invites, and to be fully prepared. Also, we expect everyone to come
into the raid focused, and to stay for the full duration of the raid.
We understand that real life issues happen; all we ask for is a little
notice if you will be missing a raid so we can replace you.


On the nights that we are not scheduled to raid we will be doing other
various guild activities, like the timed dungeon runs, and pvp. We
will be looking to form an RBG group on Off-Nights for our members who
are interested in them.

Contact Us:

We currently have our website under construction, so we urge you to
contact us in-game, or via these forums. We will then setup a meeting
on either Skype or Vent.
So please message or inbox either: