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    Convince me to try GW2

    Title basically says it all. Im a wow player bored of almost all other video games including wow. Convince me to try GW2, in what way does it deviate from the basic mmo equation. To me, an MMO makes me really feel like I exist inside the massive world. An MMO is not, level up to max level, do raids and dungeons for best gear. I am looking for something that feels nothing like WoW at all.

    If you are going to try and convince me NOT to try GW2 dont even bother posting in this thread.

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    You can't try GW2, once you have it you have it. It is a significant distinction from WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    You can't try GW2, once you have it you have it. It is a significant distinction from WoW.
    Well I can still stop playing it. So if I try it out and decide I dont like it I can just stop just like with every other video game, non-subscription of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reohh View Post
    ...To me, an MMO makes me really feel like I exist inside the massive world. An MMO is not, level up to max level, do raids and dungeons for best gear. I am looking for something that feels nothing like WoW at all.
    You just explained GW2. There ya go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reohh View Post
    To me, an MMO makes me really feel like I exist inside the massive world. An MMO is not, level up to max level, do raids and dungeons for best gear. I am looking for something that feels nothing like WoW at all.
    Then GW2 should be a good fit. (Dezeria ninja'd my post >.<)

    Also, incoming a lot of "It isn't our job to convince you" posts.

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    I don't think anyone can convince you. Just simply buy the game and try it out, you either like it or not.

    And I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to make threads like this.

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    Nah. You can only do research and figure it out ... or shell out 60 bucks and eat the costs if you don't like it just like you would any game...

    For me, the game is way better than WoW -- though WoW (blizzard) does a lot of things better. This game is very unique, often times quirky, and can tend to be polarizing (because no raids, no gear progression, no tank/healer/dps, etc). It fits what I am looking for so I will playing it instead of WoW.

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    Im not gonna try and convince you cause I dont care if you play lol. Wow is ancient.......

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    I think the thing that really caught my eye is how you become immersed in the world. You don't go up to a quest giver, do a task, then go back to him to get your reward. An event can occur around you while traveling, or just standing around. NPCs have voiced conversations with each other, or one NPC may run up to you and say something like "help, there are some bandits stealing my farm equipment" and then you go and help him.

    Another thing I love about this game is the combat system. It is nothing like your traditional MMO. If you walk in and stand there while attacking like you do in WoW, you WILL die. You have to dodge attacks, stun, slow, what ever you can to survive.

    Lastly, there is no gear progression. All the gear at max level are equal stat-wise. In WoW terms, they are all at the same Ilvl. So PVP isn't decided by who has the best gear, and your success or failure in PVE content isn't decided by farming gear until you out gear a boss fight.

    PS: I can no longer enjoy anything in WoW (even raid testing in MoP beta) after playing GW2. I just love the combat system. Killing stuff is so much more fun.
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    After playing so much GW2 beta, I logged into the MoP beta today to see what's new, and as I explored a Pandaria zone, all I could think was how lifeless it all felt now. No events going on around me, no big groups of players running around together doing stuff. Just solo players here and there working on their quests.

    GW2 really does feel alive. It feels like you're truly part of a large community in a real living world.

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    Do some research and figure it out if it's something you'd want to play or not.

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    I'm not going to try and convince you on something that should be your own opinion.

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    So in other words this game is "here's some money give me a game I can play to wander inside a giant sandbox" because, if gear doesn't matter and it's only skill based I don't see many people playing for as long as they have WoW.

    You must also take note that most of WoW's subs are the "casual" audience and don't care about raiding, hell the only times I log in is whenever my guild does RBGs so that right there pretty much classifies me as "casual"

    On-Topic; No I will not "try to convince you to play GW2" because like so many other's I just can't give a F***.

    Also, post like this need to be banned from being posted in the first place "convince someone to jump off a bridge" then we'll talk "Hannibal Lecter"
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    unlike other mmo communities I have come to love GW2 community stance: we will not try to convince you, you need to read, watch and decide for yourself. I would not compare it to wow simply cause besides the 3 letters of 'mmo' there is very little in common. All I can say and you will hear this over and over is - read and do research, try it out, since there is no sub, you can easily play both wow and gw2 (but I doupt you will go back to wow after giving a good go in gw2)
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    Just buy it because you're bored. You aren't committed to playing it after purchase by a monthly fee, if you stop, you stop, not really a big deal.
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    ...Convince me to try GW2...

    What the deal for me ? :P
    Convicing is extremly easy
    But we cant 100% guarantee , that u will like the game :P

    First of all , read what the game can offer :!
    Then asked us whatever question u need or watch some youtube videos .

    For example watch <<Guild Wars 2 - My thoughts on the final beta>> by <<TotalHalibut>> , in order to find out if u like the Dynamic Event system
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    It seems ppl have the energy to whine for a game , for not beeing exactly like their <<main>> game , while it dont have a SUB , and they dont have the courage to whine at their Game Master for slacking and producing few PvE content ...

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    Dont get it and miss out. I cant decide for you.

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    To the people that say they wont try and convince me: please don't even bother posting. Thanks to everyone else

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    No subscription fee. BAM

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    To be honest... it sounds kind of conceited to ask other people to convince you. Like, you should grace us with your presence if we are to convince you. I don't mean to be a jerk, but a quick look through the stickies and youtube search should point you in the direction of whether it is up to your taste.

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