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    A friend of mine is coming over with his PC. It's huge and twice as good as mines, so I am already installing several cables and I even loaned a fridge to put under my desk.

    I will have a lot of snacks, drinks and fast-food at hand. I think I have 2 bags of icecubes in my fridge ( about 100 each bag ) and I know for sure that isn't enough. He's bringing lots of red bull ( hate that shit ) and I have 20 cups of icecoffee ready in my fridge.

    Even thinking about diapers so we don't need to go to the bathroom...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gourmandises View Post

    Even thinking about diapers so we don't need to go to the bathroom...
    LOL, oh wow xD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pacabra View Post
    Do you plan on doing anything special over the next two weeks to prepare for GW2?

    If there is something in the way of you doing something special such as work or school, is there anything you would do differently if you didn't have to go to school/work?

    I will continue to do my normal thing but im sure there are some people who will do something special.
    No offense to you OP. But it's a game.

    People take this stuff too seriously.

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    Defragment my hard drive, make sure there are no useless processes running on my computer like realupdater or quicktimeupdater or useless stuff like that taking my CPU/RAM, make a check list of basic stuff to do when I start up my first character and inform my family that I will be on a space mission for the next 2 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherrysoul View Post
    Nope, just want it to be 25th already lol, everyday is dragging now that we have a date, and everyday i get more and more frustrated LOL.

    Well that and I bought some goodies on Amazon (5 packages of Twix for only $14!) and some bottled water. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by mofo View Post
    Nothing special tbh. Darksiders 2 is coming out this week so at least a few evenings will go into playing that. Hopefully it'll last till the 25th...if not, there's always TV shows that I haven't seen yet.
    Well, unless you play it a bit casually or do all the side quests you may not get it to last till the 25th... with i'd say around 1/2 the larger side quests done and game completion your looking at 25 hours or so. Course... i would say it has a pretty decent replay value.

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    I'm only going to do one thing; nap a LOT the day of the 24th. Since I'm CST, servers won't be "up" until 2am (praying for no problems). Since it'll be that late, I'll definitely want to play almost all night. I'll play all day Saturday, or until I pass out, then force myself to go to sleep early because I have a gig Sunday morning. But after my gig, it's back to more GW2!
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    Gonna close this one as we have a new & bettered titled thread on the same subject. Merge attempt was... not awesome.!

    ^ launch day discussion! Huzzah!


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