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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Pretty impressive indeed!
    I'm of the opinion that was intentional.

    As for why, exactly why the OP said. PvE was different then, having a level 1 going around with the title would devalue it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agramonia View Post
    So far, accountwide titles are not implemented so all we got are rumors.
    They are on the beta, they do limit many of them though. I made a premade 85 monk just to see the trees and abilities first hand and only had about 1/3 of my titles to pick from. All of the raid and pvp ones were gone as well as many of the rep ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickmagnus View Post
    Perhaps because when people see it they'd assume whatever character you are on was around during BC? Doesn't seem like that would be a major deal but perhaps that is the reasoning. Makes me wonder if mounts that are no longer obtainable are also restricted.
    None of it is a big deal. Some elitest want it to be but really who cares. People have the title and it' an accomplishment by the player not the toons.

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    I don't see the big issue here. You're up in arms about something you never had and never knew you were going to have until more recent times, now you're pissed off because it turns out you might not get it, even though nobody ever actually said you were getting it anyway?
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    I did not achieved the title, just for one day.... one of the worsts days playing wow

    Ok, now im sad... and crying

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    Well that's pretty stupid, guess I won't be rerolling like I wanted to after all.

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    If you got the Hand of A'dal title don't worry about it. If you worry about someone else getting it then you are showing you have a ego and it's damaged somehow that someone else got it to. Seriously let go of your pride, it's good to be proud of something but too much pride just make you egotistical.

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    Hand of Adal isn't tied to an achievement. That is why you wont get it on any alts. You only get a FoS if you got the title before they took it out.

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    I'm paying my monthly fee just like everyone else so i also wan't to be able to get the title and see ALL the content!
    See what i did there?

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    The idea of giving everyone access to a title didn't really take off until after TBC. Prior to this, we only had a handful of PvP and PvE titles. <Champion of the Naaru> and <of the Shattered Sun> are the only titles I can think of that were given to the masses. Everything had to be earned through hard work. I don't think I'd want any of my toons to have <Hand of A'dal> except for my paladin that deserves it.

    It took a lot of dedication from a lot of people to power through TBC raiding. Seeing that title on a newly-rolled DK would be a slap in the face. It's just like <Scarab Lord>. That took some real dedication. And, if you weren't the character that banged the gong, I don't think you should be allowed to drop it on a new toon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fals View Post
    I'm paying my monthly fee just like everyone else so i also wan't to be able to get the title and see ALL the content!
    See what i did there?
    that's what i thought this topic is gonna be about too... UNTIL I READ THE FUCKING POST. jesus.

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    Keep them prestigious.

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    now while I don't care much for the op's attitude towards the "pve content being respectable" or w/e, I will agree that HoA should be account-bound (and I don't even have it). I keep reading "but it'll lose prestige!" no, no it won't. want to know why? because the exact same number of people in the whole world who earned that title, will be using that title. nothing will change other than the fact that you can use it on the character you'd actually prefer. For example, say I did have it, and it was on my mage. But I don't like how mages are looking for MoP and on the ptr I find them verrryyyyy borrriiinnnggg. so much so I give up on him, in order to play say my druid. Have I not earned the right to use Hand of Adal? Did I not earn that title?

    Maybe it's because idk just how hard it was to get as I came into the game in wotlk during Ulduar, but still, while the character did earn the title, to me it's moreso the player that earned the title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleeze View Post
    Keep them prestigious.
    They are still prestigious, just not available to get anymore...but we should be allowed to wear them if we earned them back then. I was really looking forward to use that title, but this is a big disappointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    Well that's pretty stupid, guess I won't be rerolling like I wanted to after all.
    Really? Because of a title?

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    Some people really need to read the first post instead of just reacting to the title of the thread. The guy just wants the title he earned to be account wide, nothing more than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madoushi View Post
    I just think its bullshit, so much for allowing choice across choosing what main you wish to level. A title is harmless, not like you are making every legendary you obtain account wide, the hand of Adal title you can no longer obtain, so if 50,000 characters have it, you will only ever see that number. The prestige wont be less, god blizzard I know it's hard when you are earning millions of dollars from this ever declining gameplay, but perhaps one of you developers maybe capable of mentioning it at your bosses round table. Of course if he can hear you that is, with all that money in his ears.
    If this is the case then why are you making such a big deal about it?

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    Hand of A'dal was actually the one reason I was excited to see account wide achievements... Ah well, I'll let it sit on my dusty 70 hunter until the end of days I guess.

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    I'd like my Monk to have access to my titles that I earned on my older characters, but I'll live if that doesn't happen. I was simply confused with the position Blizzard took on these things. Seeing that Immortal was granted based on an achievement shouldn't I get it on my Monk when the xpack goes live?
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    WHY WAS IT REMOVED AMG!!!! Because after the patches it became very easy. Something that took months to do back in pre-nerf TBC time could now be done in about the space of a hour. Its there for people who worked for it. Same as the old PVP titles.

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