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    Missed the first stress test, because that predated BWE1, and was from a pre-selected pool of people (entered, wasn't chosen).

    BWE1 all the way through the August 9-10 stress tests I've gone out pf my way to be here. I just couldn't get today off work, first one I've missed.
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    I have. Spent most of BWE's trying out all the classes. Most of the stress tests mucking around in WvW and trying out all the combos. Good, good times.

    I think I have enjoyed the stress tests more because I have a much better grasp on all the classes now.

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    i've been in them all, even the stress test that took place the other night between 1-5 /faint. so much awesome

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    I have. and i have also seen that the game has became better since.

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    I missed BWE1 but I was able to get into everything since.

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    5 BWEs + 6 or 7 Stress Tests so far... haven't missed a one.

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    Nope I have only played BWE3 for a total of 7 hours. Then I got to play 15 minutes for two stress tests and didn't even get to log on today.

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    ive played them all!

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    Ive avoided stress tests after bwe3 to let the suspense build.

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