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    Peta will be on here soon bitching about that new hunter set.

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    The old hunter video about the gear had 75% dislikes - 25% likes...
    This one comes out to about 95% likes! They cannot satisfy everyone, so stop the flaming! I personally prefer this one to the other!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somebody View Post
    Yeah I'm sorry, shoulders are way too big, it even surpasses warrior T7.5. If possible can you make a video or a screen by screen image of what casting/attacking looks like just to see the ridiculous amount of clipping I expect would be happening. Just for the lols Chaud I would love you.
    Maybe in the future. Already working on Monday's news now!

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    That hunter set looks amazing! Best hunter set ever! And my god that face looks so ridiculous! I wanna hug it!! ^_^

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    Hunters, rejoice. Here comes the most awesome, badass and cool armor set ever.

    Thats how a freaking hunter should look like!

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    That paladin shall be mine!

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    They should redo dks and druids sets. Dk looks silly. Druid is not epic enough.

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    Wow. Those priest shoulders are ridiculous. I'm sorry but I just don't understand who is in charge of these tier sets at blizzad. The old model for the priest set looked great and was way more inline with what priests have looked like before. This new one is just gigantic, and looks like the priest is carrying around a rack of antlers on their back.

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    That priest set is labled as the PVP gear in the files.

    Have Blizzard just decided to swap all the priest sets around? The old challenge gear is now raid gear, the old raid set is now PVP and the old PVP gear is now the challenge set...

    Same with Hunters too...
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    I think that's the first mage set they're adding that i actually think looks good pretty damn cool. The only other mage set that looks semi decent would be Aldor Regalia imo.

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    Next xpack, you will just play a giant shoulder pad.

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    that lorewalker story is pretty inspirational if you ask me, of course all the others may be as i would rather hear them first hand after finding the lore items but the title of this one made me curious. I like it.

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    Is it now safe to say that priests have the largest shoulders in the game? :P That is so funny! Will look awesome on some races though.

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    Why even bother trying to discuses anything with the Devs? It's like talking to a brick wall, A brick wall made of bullshit.

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    I'm glad they are having the Challenge Mode armors being the most gaudy-looking. There is no mistaking someone wearing Challenge Mode gear, that's for damned sure.

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    new hunter set looks much better then old one, good change.

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    Good move on blizzard to change that hunter challenge set. The original looked like something meant for rogues. Was awful though. This new one is MUCH more hunteresque. Looks great too.

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    Isnt that hunter set the old mop first season pvp set?

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    Dear christ, that hunter set looks amazing, my faveroute set so far has been T4, but the style of this matches the idea of a hunter so well

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    All the challenge mode sets look pretty awesome imo. The priest shoulders are pretty ridiculous, but atleast people will know when youve put in a lot of effort in challenge mode.

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