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    Lorewalker's Rep Guide - Quick and Easy with Maps and Time Stamps.

    Wasn't sure if MOP area or this area was best for posting in as it's a guide for the achivement but in mop.

    This guide will get you quickly and easily exalted with the Lorewalkers with the use of maps, timestamps and a route for you to use. All maps can be found by clicking the map links at the bottom of the description. If you don't want to do the entire route with us just use the timestamps below to find the particular sites you want. The timestamps are better used from the youtube descriptions if your doing single sites.

    Remember to take the scrolls out of your mail after and hand in the quests for your last bits of rep. This was recorded on beta so phasing issues and sites maybe moved but we will update the video in the future if needed. Enjoy.

    Unfortunately i can't link the maps individually via annotations but the albums per zone are further down and the individual folders at the bottom otherwise you can simply pause the video :-)

    Edit: Just noticed that the route map on the video is wrong where it goes to dreadwastes then back into Townlong, i'll reupload one that is the same as the video timings. The one at the top of the post is the right one.

    Sunrise -- DJ Niamek

    Confused Love - Xayberoptix

    Oxygen -- B4M

    Zone Maps and Time Stamps:
    Sites by Achievement:
    JF -- Jade Forest
    V4W -- Valley of the Four Winds
    KS -- Kunlai Summit
    VEB -- Vale of the Eternal Blossoms
    TLS -- Townlong Steppes
    DW -- Dreadwastes
    KW -- Krasarang Wilds

    Ballad of Liu Lang:
    The Birth Place of Liu Lang -- V4W -- 04:23
    The Wandering Widow -- V4W -- 04:42
    Waiting for the Turtle -- KW -- 06:14
    The Most Famous Bill of Sale -- V4W -- 06:33

    Fish Tails:
    Origins -- KW -- 05:10
    Waterspeakers -- V4W -- 06:46
    Watersmithing -JF -- 07:53
    Role Call -- KS -- 10:40

    Between a Saurok and a Hard Place
    The Deserters -- DW -- 03:53
    The Last Stand -- KW -- 04:54
    The Saurok -- JF -- 08:46
    The Defiant -- KS -- 10:25

    Heart of the Mantid Storm:
    Amber -- DW -- 02:35
    The Empress -- DW - 02:54
    Cycle of the Mantid -- DW -- 03:11
    Mantid Society -- DW -- 03:31
    The Deserters -- DW -- 03:52

    Hozen in the Mists:
    Hozen Maturity -- KW -- 05:43
    Embracing the Passions -- V4W -- 07:05
    Hozen Speech -- JF -- 10:09
    Hozen Ravage -- KS -- 12:57

    The Dark Heart of the Mogu:
    The Thunder King -- VEB -- 00:46
    The Lost Dynasty -- KW -- 05:58
    Spirit Binders -- JF -- 09:03
    Valley of the Emperors -- KS -- 11:51

    The Seven Burdens of Shaohao:
    Part 8. - VEB -- 00:25 -
    Part 5. - TLS -- 02:20
    Part 4. - KW -- 05:27
    Part 3. - JF -- 08:11
    Part 1. - JF -- 08:30
    Part 6. - KS -- 10:15
    Part 7. - KS -- 12:06
    Part 2. - KS -- 12:35

    Song of the Yangol:
    Trapped in a Strange Land -- TL -- 01:22
    Dominance -- TL -- 01:58
    Yaungoil -- KS -- 10:55
    Yaungol Tactics -- KS -- 13:12

    Whats Worth Fighting For:
    Always Remember -- VEB - 00:33
    Together, We are Strong -- VEB -- 01:02
    Pandaren Fighting Tactics -- V4W -- 04:09
    The First Monks -- JF -- 09:19
    Victory in Kunlai -- KS -- 11:30

    Legend of the Brewfathers (optional)
    Quan Tou -- KW -- 07:31
    Xin Wo Yin -- JF -- 09:26
    Ren Yun -- KS -- 12:47

    Restore Balance (optional) -- JF -- 09:49

    Map Folders:

    These are the folders holding all the maps per zone:

    Thanks to daholyone's little guide that we used for some of our sites, hopefully ours can help you update yours.
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    Thanks for the guide, really helpful I got my Mount today

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    Pretty decent!

    I would recommend putting the pictures somewhere else though, as photobucket / imageshack etc occasionally delete images that get too much or too little traffic.
    Also try to add some wowhead links if you're able. That way people can go straight to there to look for extra comments or tips.

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    Thanks for the warning about the images, i'll check PB regularly but at the moment until it gets a bit more traffic i'll keep the links as they are or until i get around to finishing the other guides i'm making. Is there any hosting site you would recommend? This is my first guide so i appreciate the advice and hope to improve on this and future projects to help you guys.

    I've updated the original post with the achievement links from wowhead. :-)

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    This is an achievement guide not rep guide right? Because why would u need to go to all zones for rep and i see some links are achs...Im confused : (

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    Collecting the items gives you an achievement which in turn gives you reputation, all the sites for one achievement are all over the pandaria map so the guide allows you to get all the set of achievements done at the same time as getting your rep so you only need to hand in the scrolls (given each ach) to hit exalted. However if you only need certain sites to half done achievements or even just one then you can use the timestamps attached to each sub achievement to find those individuals.

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    I guess I didn't Bookmark this thread. But now I have, and here's a Bump For an awesome guide!

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    You could ask a mod go add this to the guide section in the forums I bet it will be more useful there. I sure will use this atleast! Great work

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    You end up 24 rep short. Everyone I know that did this had the same results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varyk View Post
    You end up 24 rep short. Everyone I know that did this had the same results.
    Thats strange, everyone I know who has done this has the flying nimbus now.

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    Awesome guide!! Many thanks hunny ! x
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    is this still working? if so great job and trhanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varyk View Post
    You end up 24 rep short. Everyone I know that did this had the same results.
    do the daily thats there where u turn in the quests. actually nvm that daily looks like an arch daily which i dont have and i am 24 rep short.
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    so i done this but im still on honored (almost revered) what do you do next to get to exalted?

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    The Defiant is missing, from the achieve Between A Saurok and A Hard Place

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    So what exactly am i missing then? id like that mount hehe

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    Thanks a ton! Great guide and got my mount. Cheers!!

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    I've also ended up 24 rep short with nothing but the arch quest.

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    need help

    hi i haveing problem to find the first one in Towlong steppes named trapped in a strange land 1:24 min in on the vidio
    any help ?

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